Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving 2016!!

To you readers who're still reading my blog . . . THANK YOU!!

Leslie and I had been wanting to visit the sunflower fields in Waialua for awhile but had never been successful . .  that is until two days ago. Les signed us up to an Artists and Photographers Event, and although it looked as if it might be canceled due to rain like it was last year, the weather held up and we finally got to go. 

You can find out more about the fields in a Hawaii Magazine article that just came out yesterday here


The sunflower fields are actually on private property adjacent to Waialua High and Intermediate School, but there are free tours available if you're interested in checking it out. According to the Hawaii Magazine article, if you'd like to schedule a visit you can call (808) 637-0100 ext. 149, or email  IMG_5645




Thank you Les, for making me get off my lazy butt and go on these photo excursions with you. As always, I had a blast.

You can check out Leslie's pics here


Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving! And thank you for your continued (and frequent) blog postings! It's what I look forward to reading everyday after the work day is done and everything is closed up at home for the night. It's like my incentive reward for myself - I can't check Jalna's blog until I get this, this, and this done! I used to have a blog for about 4 years, but then stopped because I got too busy, so I can totally appreciate how much time goes into planning posts, taking pictures, editing pictures, checking comments, etc. Know that I appreciate and am thankful for you and all that you share with us. Reading your blog is always a bright spot in my day! :) - L

kobi said...

Thank you very much for keeping your blog active. Didn't know about the sunflowers in Waialua. Did yiu go to the bakery and get snow puffs? Happy Thanksgiving! I'm sure the ice maker will come in handy today.

Kalin's Mommy said...

Good thing Les dragged you, so worth it!

Leslie's pics said...

Love, love, love how your pictures turned out!!! Thanks for keeping me company and buying me animal crackers when I was STAHHHHHVING!! xoxo! Happy Thanksgiving! So thankful to have you as a friend!!

K and S said...

beautiful photos, happy thanksgiving!

Susan said...

I had a sunflower/blue theme going on in my kitchen years ago after I found this sunflower ceramic canister set in the states that I hand carried home. My kitchen is no longer sunflower themed, anyway, I think sunflowers look better in that field under the nice blue sky. What do they do with all those sunflowers?

Mark Shelby said...

I see a Drone high in da sky above you taking pics of you, taking pics Jalna and Les!

And I see da Mokuleia Mountains above Dillingham Air Field where I first soloed in a Cessna 150 when I was jus 15 years old in 1970! ; )

Many fun hours spent flying over Wailua! This was always a very special place to me!

Those were da dayz my sistah's!

This thread is so fun! Thanks Jalna and Les!

~Mark Shelby

jalna said...

Thank you, L!!

Kobi, Wendell asked me about the puffs too! LOL. But neva have time to buy. And yes, the ice maker came in handy . . .

It was worth it, Mich.

Les, thanks for doing all the hard work!

Happy Thanksgiving to you too, Kat.

Susan, that is a cool theme for the kitchen! I don't know what they do with the sunflowers, especially since they're just a test crop.

Awesome memories for you again, Mark!

Honolulu Aunty said...

Nice! And Thank YOU for your blog. Just like L said, it is a treat to myself to visit.

jalna said...

Thanks Aunty!

Kay said...

Wow! Those are really, really gorgeous shots! I've never even heard of that place. It looks so amazing!

jalna said...

Never thought in Hawaii yah, Kay.