Thursday, October 13, 2016

Tour Notes

At our debriefing luncheon a few weeks ago, our tour company gave us this blank sheet of paper labeled TOUR NOTES to write our notes on. I didn't take any notes, and brought the sheet home blank.

Last week or so I started jotting down stuff that I didn't wanna forget to bring on the trip on the TOUR NOTES paper.  Then I had the super bright idea to note where I put each of the stuff . . . "co" means carry-on and "sc" means suitcase. I say "super bright" because I always drive myself absolutely INSANE hunting through everything, unzipping and zipping, opening and closing, trying to find my stuff. 

Super bright idea, right?


If you noticed the blank spaces, I photoshopped my unmentionables out of the list. It just felt weird having my 
"p*****s" and my "p*****liners" listed there for everybody to see. 


Anonymous said...

Smart! I need to do this too when I travel! Thanks for the tip!


Kay said...

This is always my problem, especially since I always pack so ahead of time. I have my own list that I always use when I travel.

K and S said...

very creative! hope you can find everything:)

Susan said...

I really think you should have alphabetized this list !! You're so funny!

Leslie's pics said...


jalna said...

LOL Les!

Erick said...

I didn't need to know what was removed. TMI TMI Ha ha