Monday, July 18, 2016

Kauai - Tip Top Restaurant and Bakery (and Motel)

After each of our early-morning shoots on Friday and Saturday (4 a.m. wakeup), we went to Tip Top for breakfast. 


It turns out that they're celebrating their 100-year anniversary this year. Here's a really nice video that I found online about it.

The bakery section is at the entrance. I bought a couple bags of their cookies. 

I forget how much these were, but I thought that they were too expensive so I didn't get any. Awww . . . poor Kona, yah.

We resisted these.

But not these. We broke down and got a chocolate chip cookie on our second visit.

Here is the restaurant portion. I think the guy in white is third generation owner Owen Ota. I recognized him in the video.

On Friday I got a scoop of fried rice ($4.00) and side-order spam ($3.00).

Les got the fried noodles ($7.25).

We both shared a pancake ($5.50) and agreed that it was really, really good. I think it was the texture that we liked.

We returned again on Saturday morning after driving out to Hanalei for picture-taking first.

We both ordered pancakes this time, mine with bananas ($6.00). I shoulda got the plain . . . the bananas were too tart for my liking. More worse, Les figured out later that we coulda saved choke money if we had ordered one two-piece serving which was $6.50 instead of two separate one-piece servings which are $5.50 each.  Ack!

We also each ordered side-order vienna sausage ($3.00). 

On the way out I saw this retro horoscope scale.  There was no way I was gonna get on it. I only stopped to quickly take this picture. And Leslie? I swear she almost made an "X" at it with her forearms. 


K and S said...

everything looks so good!

Leslie's pics said...

Whoa! Good catch with Mr. Ota in the picture!! Finally! I got a good meal on this trip. My belly is happy :) I want more pancakes!

jenny said...

how come they never give you the full can of vienna sausage? lol, sorry that's the first thing that came to mind. you're making me wanna go kauai!

Honolulu Aunty said...

Kinda expensive - $3 for Vienna sausage? No tanks.

Lorna Nishimitsu said...

The won ton min there is wonderful! It's a lot of food, but it has a lot of mustard cabbage and won bok in it. Yummy!

Kay said...

That fried rice looks really, really ono!

jalna said...

Kat, other people's foods looked good too.

I like eat pancakes again too, Les.

Jenny, I was thinking the same thing!

For real yah, Aunty.

Oooooh Lorna . . . sounds awesome.

It was good, Kay!