Monday, June 6, 2016

My Favorite Instant Miso Soup

I first bought this miso soup when it was on sale at Marukai a few weeks ago. I bought it again last week at the not-sale price of $6.49.  The package contains five packs. 


You just need to add 2/3 cups of hot water . . . 

to this freeze-dried block. You can check out Amano Foods' freeze-drying process here

The eggplant pieces are not quite as big as shown on the package, but still . . . it tastes good, and I like it a lot.


mmiissee said...

ooh...looks very good!

Anonymous said...

oooo that's my favorite too. In Tokyo, in the building (Kitte) next to Tokyo Station, there is an Amano soup shop that sells tons of different freeze dried soups and other products. They even have oyako donburi topping and curry! This is one of my Must stops in Tokyo.

The individual soups are about 100 yen and the toppings might be around 250yen. So fun to try all the different flavors. I even add the block to my kimchee or tofu chigae and dried ramen since I try not to use the whole ramen seasoning packet.

You can find 7-11 brand or other brands in the convenience stores cheaper, about 88 yen, but Amano does taste the best.


Honolulu Aunty said...

Good to know! I make really bad miso soup even though I boil dried shrimp or scallops and follow directions. So, I gave up long time ago but now, maybe with this product, I can do it!

Did you add pork strips or is that aburage? Looks delish!

K and S said...

amano foods makes all sorts of soups, good but high sodium

jalna said...

It does yah, Mmiissee!

Ooooh, I'll go look for more Amano products the next time I'm there, V!

Aunty, I didn't add anything!

I was afraid of that, Kat.

Anonymous said...

j: wow thanks for the 411 (again). Mom loves miso soup but when I made it she doesn't want to eat it so I dumped it, after doing the daikon and all. So now I buy these instant ones but they taste good. I just add fresh tofu and green onions so sometimes she thinks I made it from scratch....I like the one you've shown since it has a different topping. Doomo ~~ N

jalna said...

Me too, N. Somehow mine from scratch are just so so, too. Wonder what's the secret.

Mark Shelby said...


Susan said...

I believe a good dashi makes yummy miso soup : )

Kay said...

This looks good, but lucky thing I have Mom here making miso soup almost everyday. She puts in daikon and sometimes okra which is actually very tasty in miso soup.

Dd said...

oooo just like that corn soup I gave you guys !!

jalna said...

I didn't even notice, Mark! LOL!

I think you're right, Susan.

"Mom's" miso soup sounds so good, Kay.

Dd, I think freeze-dried blocks is the way.

Mark Shelby said...

I looked up how to make Miso Soup last night and found this. Because I wondered if I could make it myself.

She is cute, but I still can't figure out why the soup goes white, and what Miso is.

She shows Miso in the container, but I have no idea what that is.

Sound like the perfect recipe, what ever Miso is!

And I grew up on Miso soup by the way! ; )

jalna said...

LOL, I like the video, Mark.

Mark Shelby said...

It's still a mystery to me Jalna! ; )

I tried my bess! ; )

Miso Soup is still da Mystery Soup to me! ; )

Carry on!

jalna said...

😁 Mark.