Thursday, June 2, 2016

Baby Mynah

A baby mynah bird was on the stairs leading to our parking structure yesterday after work. Poor thing. It was so tiny that every time the wind blew, it looked as if it would get blown away into the bushes.

Two noisy bobo birds, all excited, were fluttering nearby, hanging around just waiting for me to go away so that they could start picking on the baby bird. On top of that, I knew that if the bobo birds didn't end up hurting Baby Mynah then for sure one of the many feral cats that hang around the area would.


I didn't know what to do. I couldn't pick it up. I can't do stuff like that . . . I'm too scared. If I had it in my hands and it should start to flutter I would probably end up screaming and flinging it.

I called good ole Leslie. She would know what to do. She came and picked up the bird, but wasn't sure what we should do either. I rummaged a box outta my car and Les put Baby Mynah into it. 

We took the bird back to the office to see if anyone there would be willing to take it home. One by one we got rejected. Our last hope was the Billing Department down the hall.

Everyone there also said no. Until we got to Lehua. Lehua said that her dad loves to take care of birds, and she would gladly take Baby Mynah home. She put a small saucer of water with mashed rice into the box. She knew exactly what to do. Me and Leslie were soooo happy.


Kay said...

Wow! I don't think I've ever seen a baby mynah. You and Leslie have very kind hearts.

jalna said...

Kay, it looks bigger in the photo than it actually was . . . it was very tiny.

Lorna Nishimitsu said...

Great job! The hard thing about baby bird rescues is not knowing what to feed them (plus my 8 indoor cats).

mmiissee said...

Cutie! I wonder where the parents went.

Leslie's pics said...

I hope he's still alive!!!!! I still didn't tell Randy. No like get scoldings yet. Ebi still said I was stupid ;)

Anonymous said...

j: I'm such a bird lover, so I say good for you! You could've dropped it off at the Humane Society, their intake is open 24/7 I think? (but I think they'll put it sleep)Baby birds are notoriously fragile but your Mynah seems old enough to be able to be handfed which is such a pain. How very nice that someone wanted to rehab the bird. God must've been smiling down on you, Leslie and the birdie that day. -N

Anonymous said...

j: thanks for the heads up on the Kumasan rice...I made a special trip to Marukai last week to buy it since it was on sale and we had it last night. It is good, my mom who is an expert on rice loved it (she knows which rice grows where and which region has the best and the types! I don't know where she got that knowledge). I'm rather rice insensitive, i.e. they all taste the same to me (must be the sansei blood) could taste how sweet it was. I wanna try it in a musubi to get the full flavor of it....-N

Honolulu Aunty said...

SOOO Cute!!! I like mynah birds, don't like those bulbo birds that eat my orchid buds.

My pal Sharon told us about her friend who raised 2 baby mynah birds by hand. She even taught them how to talk - in sentences! One could even think and talk. When she had to go on a trip, she asked a friend to watch them for her so she dropped them off in their cage. The friend tried to befriend them but they didn't respond to her, except one of them was stuck on just saying "It's cold."
When the owner went to pick up her birds, the bird sitter told her how the bird kept saying "It's cold" and nothing else, i.e., the bird wasn't too smart.
So the owner asked where the cage was situated - and it was right next to an open window.
Duh. The really smart bird was telling the sitter that it was cold because it was.
Smart yeah? Almost made me want to have a baby mynah to raise and teach. Almost.

Susan said...

I love this post! Tks for sharing! My friend and I saw a frail bird outside a restaurant. It was a baby but a bigger type of bird. We were so scared for it. It was in a grassy area next to the road. We thought we'd call wild life and see what they say we should do. Too bad no Lehua kind ppl here. They told us there's nothing they could do.

K and S said...

such a cool story!

jalna said...

Thanks, Lorna. I thought about you and your love for animals.

Mmiissee, the tree above where we found the bird is a very big and tall monkey pod tree.

Oh, I'm so glad you and your mom got to try the rice, N!!

Aunty, that's such a neat story. I imagined in my mind raising the bird and teaching it to talk . . . but like you . . . nah.

Awwwww, poor thing for the bird, Susan.

Good thing for Lehua yah, Kat!

kawika said...

I came across this video a few days ago. Would be neat to teach it to talk.

jalna said...

Whatda, Kawika?!! So amazing! I couldn't open your link, but I think I found it on YouTube. The bird was actually having a conversation with the owner. He started talking too soon and the bird asked, "What's wrong?" The owner said that he needs to say hello AFTER the phone rings. Then the birds says, "I understand." And the owner says, "Do you really understand?" OMG!

Lisa victoria said...

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