Sunday, May 8, 2016

Recycling a Scrub Top

I saw this scrub top at the swap meet and thought that the print was so cute. It was only $2 so I got it. 


I used the bottom half to make a tote. I left everything intact, including the buttons and the pockets, and lined it with some denim material. I used one of the sleeves to make the handles.

I made a smaller tote bag with the top half of the back of the scrub and the second sleeve.

With the remaining scraps I made a pouch . . . 

 and a small coin purse. 


Anonymous said...

Awesome! You are so creative.

Julie said...

You are so talented! Way to go!
Happy Mother's Day!

Honolulu Aunty said...

You are SO good at making stuff!

Consider starting a side business. I just opened an account on - haven't listed anything yet but I am impressed with how easy it is. I have tried selling on ebay and Amazon, as well as but I like how Etsy combines all the best of the positives of each site and it seems easy to do.

Probably the hardest thing to do (so think about it first) is choosing the name of your "shop". Cannot have spaces or symbols. Just your first name would be good, but not sure if it is available.

You really are SO good!

Kay said...

Have I already told you how AWESOME you are? I'm totally blown away. I had to call Art over to look. Wow!

Susan said...

WOW!You're the coolest person I know!

Leslie's pics said...

That is so freakin adorable! you so smaaaht!

Anonymous said...

j: how talented you are - you really have talent and a cool life -N

SW said...

wow.. do you do all this with a pattern or just by your own measurement.. that's awesome!

Mark Shelby said...

I love it Again! I bet it's hard for you to go to sleep Jalna, because your mind is always going! I have that problem. My Dad did too.

K and S said...

so creative!

jalna said...

Thank you, Gigi!

Thank you, Julie!

Thanks, Aunty! I often look at things on Etsy. I like to get ideas from there. I'm really too unambitious to try to sell anything.

LOL. Thanks, Kay!

Thank you, Susan~

Cute yah, Les!

Only small kine, N.

Hey Shun Wah! I kinda just measure.

No more that problem, Mark. My mind is very simple. Hahahaha.

Thanks Kat!