Monday, May 23, 2016

Boiled Egg SUCCESS!

M, I did it!! I followed the instructions from Serious Eats here like you suggested . . . cold eggs into boiling water; 11 minutes for hard boiled and voilà . . . even the freshest Waimana eggs were easy to peel.


After boiling for 11 minutes I quickly soaked the eggs in an ice-water bath for around 5 minutes. They were so easy to peel that I didn't even need to do it under running water (another recommendation). IMG_4521

I have to show off the salad that I made. Small-kine different from the one I tossed. The shrimp was leftover garlic shrimp poke from Costco.

Here's the dressing that I used. I like it. Wendell said that he thinks he got it from Costco . . . or Sam's . . . sorry . . . he can't remember. IMG_3251


Anonymous said...

I bought an egg piercer from daiso in japan. It doesn't work 100% like that site said. I thought it was because what can you expect from 100 yen item. I want to try your method! Oooo, just drooling thinking about the soft yolk for my ramen! V

mmiissee said...

The salad is making me hungry hehe.
Does the dressing have a strong onion flavor?

Anonymous said...

I'm glad it worked for you! Your salad looks delish.

Before I head back to Lurkerville,just want to say I look forward to reading your posts everyday. Thanks for the sunshine it adds to my day!


K and S said...

love that dressing! my mom used to buy that often.

Mark Shelby said...

Very nice! Love your pics Jalna! So fun!

I only boil my eggs for three minutes. Remember the term 3 minute egg? I fill the pot with water, which is cold. Put the eggs in. Turn the temp oh High. After about 7 minutes the water starts to boil. I let it boil for three minutes. Then I turn off the burner and let it sit for a few more minutes. It can still cook some in the hot water. Then I take the pot to my sink and pour cold water over the eggs, after I dump out the hot. Let sit for about 5 min. and the shells just peel off so easy. I peal under the faucet water flow to flush the shell bit off my fingers. This gives me the perfect medium boiled egg. I don't like hard. I think 11 mins. would be really hard.

One more tip. When the eggs are rolling around in the pot that means they are boiling/cooking inside. Once they stop rolling around that means they are done.

Leslie's pics said...

no black line around the yolk too! :D oh and i think that dressing is from Sam's, that's the same one my mom likes

Susan said...

I love your salad creations. Mmmm Vidalia onions!

jalna said...

V, I had to google "egg piercer". Seems like a good idea.

Not too strong onion flavor, Mmiissee.

Awwww, thanks M!

And I thought it was a new thing, Kat!

Hey, neat tip, Mark!

I didn't realize it was so popular, Les. I thought it was new!

Thanks Susan!!

Kay said...

This looks absolutely scrumptious!!! I do the same thing with eggs. Art used to steam the eggs which worked great. I don't know why he hasn't done it that way lately.

jalna said...

I read about steaming eggs, Kay. Somehow steaming eggs seem strange to me.