Saturday, April 30, 2016

Marukai Stuff

I went to Marukai yesterday and I just wanted to share a few finds with you today. 

First is this hyaluron powder. Ever heard of hyaluron acid? WebMD says this: People take hyaluronic acid for various joint disorders, including osteoarthritis. It can be taken by mouth or injected into the affected joint by a healthcare professional.

My hips aren't that great, my right hip especially. I can't do stairs too good anymore. And my fingers are getting pretty stiff too. So this hyaluron thing sounded interesting to me . . . especially with the added benefit of promoting younger-looking skin. 


Here's what the back of this container says:  This Original blend of extracts, essences, and natural elements helps the body build beautiful, flexible skin and joints FROM WITHIN. HYALURONIC ACID nourishes and hydrates collagen-based tissues, joints and eyes. Low molecular fish-peptide COLLAGEN maintains strength and flexibility in skin, as well as in connective tissues, ligament, bones, joints, muscles, tendons, gum, teeth, eyes, blood vessels, nails, hair. ELASTIN keeps skin resilient and firm. VITAMIN C is vital for collagen production in the body. BIOTIN is essential to skin, hair and nails. PEARL COIX strengthens joints, hair and skin and provides digestive support. These vital ingredients enhanced with wheat germ and aquatic calcium provide a total skin support program. 

Sounds good, hah?

AND it was on sale . . . so I bought it.  I saved $23! 

It kinda looks and smells like Knox gelatin to me. 

You put one spoonful into 6 to 8 ounces of hot water or your favorite drink. You can also mix it with yogurt or cereal. It dissolves well. I'll let you guys know if it works.

In the produce section I checked out the eggplants.  Look at the difference between our local eggplant and ones from Japan. The local ones were $3.99/pound and the Japan ones were $4.99/pound. You can see why the Japan ones would make better tsukemono, yah! I didn't buy any . . . maybe next time I'll get some of the Japan ones. I had to dump my pickling mix after my poisonous eggplant fiasco. 

If you go to Marukai Dillingham this weekend between 10 am and 2 pm you should get this somen bento. It's made with my favorite Ibo no Ito somen and was $7.99. Me and Wendell shared it. I had the upper left corner, egg omelet/ginger and the bottom row, crab/broccoli, vegetable tempura and hijiki/edamame. Wendell had the top middle and right, raw fish and shrimp, and the middle row, unagi and karaage chicken. Wendell said that the raw fish wasn't that great, but everything else was gooooood!

I wanted to show you this egg timer that I saw in the kitchenware area. It's $2 more than my swap meet one, but it's cuter than mine.

The bargain area was pretty bare yesterday. You guys went raid um, hah! This is the only thing I got from there.  It was 99 cents.  The label says "Island Red Pepper".  I looked it up. It's made in Okinawa and is good on Okinawan soba, ramen and soup. 

I ran into Wendell's friend Steven who recommended this candy. It was $3.29. The flavors are cider, grape, peach and apple. It effervesces in your mouth and has a nice flavor.

Lastly is this Hokkaido Yumepirika rice that I got. It's on sale now. This 4.4 pound bag was $11.99. Here is what I found online: "One of Hokkaido's finest rices. For a rice that exemplifies the importance the Japanese industry places on attention to detail, it is hard to beat Yumepirika rice. This Japonica rice has been grown with three principles in mind: The finest raw ingredients, the best in rice-growing techniques, and the goal to grow the best rice in Japan." You can find out more here

I'm saving it to make for Mother's Day lunch with my family. I hope that my mom likes it.  



Kay said...

I'm going to Marukai next week. I think I really need that egg timer!

Susan said...

Great and interesting buys! Woah...your local eggplant pretty expensive. Love somen!

Anonymous said...

j: wasn't me, I nevah raid 'em. Last few times nevah have anything I wen like. One time I bought this instant ramen that was leftover from one of their festivals and got it for mom. I figure I'd let her try and since there was so much leftover I could still snag more. Well she tried them and she said Junk. Mom rarely says anything bad about the stuff I buy so it must've been really junk. I bought some milk candy leftover from their Hokkaido festival and yea, that dang time was so junk too. Yet I found bargains like their Kewpie mayo which mom promptly used all up. Was only 99-cents wish I bought 3-4 of 'em. shucks. -N

Mark Shelby said...

Nice post and info Jalna. I'm going to study that acid thing. I have a sore right shoulder that just won't stop hurting. It's not the socket. It's like a muscle sprain that just won't go away. Maybe too much time on the computer moving the mouse.

And remember? The Marukai store is the original/first Wigwam Store location dating back to the 1950. Frank Fasi originally owned that building.

Leslie's pics said...

I hope that joint thing works for you...then I can try it too!!

jalna said...

I think it's a handy thing, Kay, especially since I don't really know how to make soft boiled eggs.

Susan, that IS expensive for eggplant.

Ahahahaha, N, yah, sometimes got junks in that bargain section! LOL. I debated about getting the individual serving Kewpie mayo, but never got it.

Mark, I hope it works . . . it takes long for me to go upstairs left leg, left leg, left leg only. I didn't know Marukai's been around that long!

Mark Shelby said...

I don't know how long Marukai has been around. But Wigwam built our new store in the early 1960's near Waiakamilo Road, in the Dillingham Plaza. And we left the Fasi building that was across from Meadow Gold Dairy. As in the pics at your Wigwam blog. This same plaza was where our Marsh Company Home Furnishings later was.

jalna said...

Les, I'm guessing that it'll take a few weeks to show any results like Joint Astin, yah.

Honolulu Aunty said...

Jalna, I not going Marukai for awhile - you and your friends clearing out the bargain section!

I hope the joint formula works for you. If you like try curcumin, lmk. I order bottles on autoship. Good for PLENTY of problems, including arthritis, brain fog, pain, cancer, etc. I give to my old old dog too - I think it gave her back her life and energy.

jalna said...

I looked it up, Aunty, Sounds good. I'll keep it in miind. Thanks!

mmiissee said...

OMG the bento looks so ono. Is it a regular product?
I hope the Collagen powder drink works..

Nippon Nin said...

It is a fun post! I really enjoyed to see your fine finds! I love Yumepirika! I bought some home last year...I didn't buy this year though I didn't go shopping that much and wanted to do some shopping in Tokyo...we almost missed the plane...we run to the gate and we were the last two to get on the plane. That was really scary.

jalna said...

OMG Akemi, that totally musta been stressful!!!