Saturday, March 5, 2016

Yakiniku Lettuce Wrap

Yakiniku meat is on sale at Marukai this week so I bought some yesterday for our dinner. Landon asked me to also pick up some butter lettuce so that we could do wraps.


I also got a bunch of sauces to flavor our wraps. I got this one in the bargain section for 99 cents. It's a bit onion-y and very delicious.

This one is a miso paste that's a bit spicy. 

This is a sesame sauce for shabu shabu. 

Landon also made a salt/sesame oil sauce that's actually my favorite, but they were all good.


Honolulu Aunty said...

Looks fantastic!

Maybe I should grow lettuce again and do more wrapping. I used to buy the spicy pork with vegetables side order from Olay's at the Tuesday Open Market at Diamond Head and sometimes would wrap it with lettuce to "dim" the heat of the dish. So much more delicious that way! And a little bit more healthy, right?

K and S said...


Kay said...

I LOVE lettuce wraps! My son-in-law's favorite is from PF Changs.

Susan said...

Wow looks sooo yummy!

Dd said...

ooooo that tamagoyaki looks ono !!

jalna said...

Oooooh that sounds good, Aunty!

I wanna eat more again, Kat.

PF Changs, Kay? Hmmmmm . . .

It was the best dinner in awhile, Susan.

I made that, Dd!

Mark Shelby said...

We finally had a rain storm, so I celebrated by putting a pork butt in my crock pot for over 12 hours! And I had a friend over to help eat it.

I also added veggies.....

Brussels sprouts
Mexican squash
Yellow squash

Add Mesquite smoke flavor
Sea salt

White rice in the rice cooker.

Cabbage steaming on da stove!


Holy Moly God is God!

jalna said...

OMG that sounds so good, Mark!

Nippon Nin said...

Looks good! Mr. Shelby's spread sounds really good too.

jalna said...

I want to eat some more, Akemi.

Leslie's pics said...

where do you find butter lettuce from? The stores by my house are junk and never have...

mmiissee said...

Looks so yummy your wrap = )
And those sauces...mmmmm

jalna said...

I got it at Foodland in Aina Haina, Les.

Oooooh the sauces, Mmiissee . . . totally made the wraps.