Thursday, November 12, 2015

Dog Treat for Kona

I had this bright idea to dehydrate some fish for Kona.


I bought this ahi slab from Chinatown for $14. It was $7.50/pound.

My coworker Ronnie gave me this dehydrator. He used it only once. Score!! I left it on for 7 hours.

I ended up with only this amount . . . kinda little bit, yah.

But . . . Kona really likes it . . . so that's all that counts.

Addendum:  Because Kona likes his treat so much, the next time we were in Chinatown, I bought more fish.  This time I got some marlin. It was selling for $5.50/pound. I paid $13 and after dehydrating, ended up with this much. 



Anonymous said...

J: O M G you are totally brilliant. I've been thinking of doing that for my dogs with chicken or beef since buying them is so expensive. Ok, I gotta hit the garage sales or Craigslist so I can find a cheap dehydrator. -N

K and S said...

looks good! lucky Kona:)

Mark Shelby said...

So I guess the marlin has less water per pound?

Is it not safe to feed Kona fresh cut uncooked fish? I used to feed my German Shepard raw hamburger along with his dry dog food mixed with water and he would just devour it!

Maybe that's why he grew up to be 125 pounds! Chip was huge!

I really like your new machine Jalna. So I bet it can make beef jerky too!??

Mark Shelby said...

If you can make beef jerky with this machine, that would be a real money saver! I stopped buying beef jerky years ago when it became way too expensive. I bet I would love your fish doggy treats too! .....hehe ; )

I bet your house now smells like your local crack seed store! ; )

Honolulu Aunty said...

My middle daughter has a dehydrator and she would dehydrate fruits and vegetables CONSTANTLY. At least nothing went to waste and she was always experimenting and cutting things up.
You have a very lucky happy dog!

Nippon Nin said...

I would like to buy the dehydrator. I have a drying net but so much rain here that kind of useless right now. My friends dry fruits in oven for hours...and she has to guess how long..yikes.
Your dog is so handsome! He is so lucky to have loving family.

I'm laughing at Mark Shelby's comment...the dog is heavier than me.

Erick said...

So cool, can I get a bag of ahi? Thanks.

jalna said...

I'll keep my eye out for a dehydrator for you, N!

Thanks Kat.

Mark, I've always been scared to feed Kona raw stuff, but must be okay if your dog ate raw hamburger. I'm thinking of trying beef jerky too.

jalna said...

Mark, I actually did make beef jerky awhile back with a different dehydrator, but wasn't totally satisfied with the results. I think with your innovative skills you could probably come up with something awesome. You can check mine out here:

Aunty, I think I should try experimenting more too.

Akemi, maybe hint to your husband for your Christmas gift!

For your cats, Erick?

Kay said...

Now I know why Kona loves you so much!

Mark Shelby said...

You got me interested in this Jalna. So I tried looking up dehydrators on Amazon. And I found a great deal on this one for only $33 bucks!

I'm tempted to try this. But I live alone and no dog anymore. So I have not pulled the trigger yet. But your readers may like this deal.

Is this kind of like what you have?

Mark Shelby said...

Jalna, I have no idea how I missed your fun jerky blog! I must have been on a long cross country road trip. And I don't have a smart phone with internet. Thanks, looks great!

jalna said...

Awww, thanks Kay.

This is the one I have Mark: I had no idea Ronnie paid so much for it. I really did score!

Susan said...

Kona has a sweeeeet mama!

Mark Shelby said...

I just checked your link. Ya! That's awesome! I saw that one last night when I was looking, but I flipped da page when I saw $69 smackers! You always score Jalana! I'm so proud of you! ; )

Mark Shelby said...

Also.....I love how you always keep Kona smiling! ; )

jalna said...

Thank you, Susan!

Thanks, Mark!

Erick said...

For me. Ha ha.