Saturday, October 24, 2015

Reversible Hobo Bag

I actually gave this bag away already, but wanted to blog about it in case someone might be interested in making it for them self. I found the pattern at verypurpleperson blog. The pattern and instructions can be found here 


I altered the pattern a bit by adding an inch to the width, height and strap.  FYI, in case you decide to try making this for yourself, I didn't actually cut out the triangle-shaped dart portion on the fabric. I just cut it out on the pattern so that I could mark the area on the material.


I got the penguin material at a garage sale . . . $1 for around 3 yards. For me, garage sales, rummage sales, thrift shops and the swap meet is the way to go for fabric. The best is when husbands are selling and the wives are not around, and when I go, "How much?", they go, "Oh, I don't know . . . $1?" And then I go, "Oh yah!!!"


Honolulu Aunty said...

Nifty bag! Score on the fabric!

When we were much younger we used to load up Uncle's truck with stuff to sell at the swap meet. I thought I had good stuff and nice fabric and I would price it reasonably, like $5 even if it was worth $20. Lots of lookers and askers, a few buyers and as the day went on, I would go off to buy food or drinks or look around.

Sure enough, as soon as I would leave, the ladies would swamp Uncle, "How much?" for several things. Uncle would say "One dollar" or "quarter", and the stuff would go flying out the door.

When I returned to our stall, so much stuff got sold and Uncle was pleased as punch at the number of sales that he made! Ah well. A dollar richer and less stuff to pack up.

Susan said...

You're very talented and resourceful!

Anonymous said...

Thank you 😊

K and S said...

thanks for sharing!

Akiko said...

oh yah!!

Nippon Nin said...

I just stopped by the fabric shop the other day for a peek (and I had a 60% off coupon). I spent nearly 2 hours there looking for something...I felt like I have to use this coupon on something...I ended up buying a quilt book. I don't really need it, when do I have time to quilt?, right? But it was so colorful and fun, full of good ideas/patterns...Oh heck!

Love the shape of this bag and penguin pattern is so cute with SUPER nice price!

jalna said...

LOL, Aunty . . . smart shoppers!

Awww, thanks Susan.

Welcome, Anon!!

Hope you get to try the pattern, Kat.

LOL, for real yah, Akiko!

I agree, Akemi, you can't waste a 60% off coupon!