Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Kaimuki Superette

This past Saturday after doing some garage sale shopping, me and Geri went to Kaimuki Superette to eat. You can check out their cool website here.


Notice the sign? "Sea", "Sand" and "Sun" are highlighted.

I guess if you choose one of these sandwiches, they'll grill it for you.

These are advertised as "omiyage".

Grilled lemon lemonade is $3 . . . very refreshing.

This is the South Shore He'e Roll . . . supah, supah ono. 13 BUCKS!!


Here is the Antipasti Sampler.  You have a choice of five. Really good, but again 13 BUCKS!!!!

I went back up to the showcase to take photos of my antipasti selections for you.




I don't know if it was because of the arched totan ceiling, but it was super noisy in the restaurant. 

Meet our new friend, Kodai. We saw him as we were walking to the car after lunch. He had a backpack on. He was pushing a suitcase. He had his phone in his hand. And he looked totally lost. We had to help.

In the end, our "help"only managed to make Kodai more than a half hour late for his appointment. Aiyaaaa.

When we parted, I gave him my email address and told him to let me know the next time he comes to Hawaii. I told him that I would have no problem helping him to get lost-er again.


Dd said...

Love Love Love Chef Ed Kenney (owns Town in Kaimuki) and all he is doing for Hawaii in the Food Scene !!

jalna said...

It was pretty crowded in there, and even across the street at Town. Very special-kine food. But HO DA EXPENSIVE to me.

Lorna said...

Beautiful food, but I guess reserved for "special" occasions because, as you noted a bit pricey. Funny how you offered to help the young man from Japan get "lost-er" in the future. I'm sure he'll contact you for that assistance. Enjoy all of your posts, but ESPECIALLY the food ones!

Nippon Nin said...

Hummm I agree...a bit pricy. Looks great though. You guys are so nice! I thought he was she...she I mean he looks like girl. Ha ha ha, I love your expression HO DA!

Honolulu Aunty said...

HO DA expensive is right! Uncle couldn't handle when prices were high for little bit of food. Once (and only once) we went to 3660 on the Rise and when the piddly entree came, Uncle asked the waiter if he dropped some of the food on the way to the table. I wanted to sink under the table but then it was kinda true - where was da food?

Your pictures make everything look real good though, but too fancy and pricey for Aunty. I hope they do well and Kaimuki town becomes a boom town with more people enjoying our neck of the woods. More Japanese tourists getting lost. Funny that they haven't discovered Zippy's yet.

Anonymous said...

j: I was curious about that place, since they're part of an ad. Little too $$ for my taste for a sandwich and salad, but it's good to know it's ono. thanx for taking us with you again -N

K and S said...

kinda pricey but everything looks so good!

Kalin's Mommy said...

Wow, too much going on for me...haha...you know me!

jalna said...

Lorna, I wonder if he'll ever get in touch with me. I'm afraid that he mighta thought that me and Geri were kinda weird, the way we shanghai'd him and took him even farther from where he shoulda been.

Hahahaha. Thanks, Akemi.

Uncle's remark is so funny, Aunty! It does look like Kaimuki is getting to be a boom town foodwise.

Yah, I agree, N. Kinda too expensive to be making it a regular eating place for me.

For real, Kat.

Lol, Mich.

Mark Shelby said...

That's very cool Jalna! I have loved Kaimuki since Dad used to drive us home from church in Nuuanuu through Kaimuki on Waialae Ave. Now that was even before da H~1 ya know! I think I need to open up a restaurant, where I can sell $13 sandwiches so I can retire young already! ; )

Fun to see good things happening in good old Kaimuki!

We used to even always do the every Christmas time lights tour of Waialae Avenue! Lights strung across da street!

Leslie's pics said...

I'm so glad you went there...I've always wanted to go. Now me and Randy have a new place to eat!! :)

jalna said...

Christmas lights on Waialae Avenue!!! Whata memory!!! You so awesome, Mark.

I never heard of the place before, Les. Good thing Geri is more up-to-date than me.

jason.f.leong said...

Wow I gotta check this place out

jalna said...

Hi Jas!!

Anonymous said...

j: today I was jonsing for okazuya food so went to Gulick Deli. When she rang everything up it came out to over $16..but then I thought you spent $17 and got only a sandwich and salad. I had med. shoyu chicken, konbumaki (fat), tons of chow fun (hoo dis was ono! they use bonito) 2 fat umeboshi musubi, 2 egg rolls (real egg) and two scoops potato salad. Couldn't finish half. The potato salad I got it for dinner too....but it was only $.99 per big scoop. Zip's charges $2.55! So it's like $8 per meal which is not bad at all. Just my eyes are always bigger than my stomach and you know my opu is huge! At least Gulick opens until 3 p.m. everyone closes at 1 or 2 pm. So I didn't feel so bad about the costs in comparison. -N

jalna said...

N, the price for okazuya food adds up, but is so good when you're ono-ing for it. Have you tried Nuuanu Okazuya? I love the tofu from there.