Friday, June 26, 2015

More Chef Zone

Yay!  Wendell took me to Chef Zone with him the other day. He said that anybody can join the club and become a member.


It totally looks like a restaurant-supply outlet.



I always said that Kuhn Rikon made the best potato peelers . . . and you see . . . they think so too. These were $4.70 each.

No, Wendell is not high fashion.  These are the coats that you can borrow when you go into their cold section. As Wendell rummaged through the different sizes of coats, I walked straight in and told him, "Nah, I no need coat. I looooove the cold." Wendell shook his head. Ten seconds later I changed my mind and went running back out to the coat rack. It was fuhreezing in there. Wendell said, "Uh-huh." 

This is what we bought on that day. 

Honeydew Bubble Tea Mix - $10.99. The directions say to add ice and milk/water and blend. They also had tapioca balls, but I didn't buy any of that. I assumed it would be too difficult for me to tackle. I shoulda at least looked at the directions. Maybe next time.

Avocados - $3.63.

We bought this teriyaki pork again - $9.72.

Lemonade concentrate - $5.62. You mix one part concentrate to four parts water.  It tasted like fresh squeezed, but not quite sweet enough for me. Maybe next time I gotta add some sugar-water or maybe agave. Doesn't Kona look so cute? He's getting hard of hearing. Poor thing. He'll be 9 in August.  

Imitation Crabstick - $4.09.

Mixed Vegetables - $3.84.

Panko - $4.25.

Tofu - $2.39.

Neat place, yah!


alibaba37 said...

LOL to you running back out for a coat! That's neat they offer them. Kona does look so cute, it looks like he's wondering what is mom doing. Love your stories Jalna.

jalna said...

Awww . . . thank you, Alibaba. I totally appreciate you guys who read my blog.

Kalin's Mommy said...

Haha, I thought it wasn't going to be too bad in the chiller too, I was sowrong. Should have grabbed the jacket too!

Les said...

i wanna go! i wanna go! i wanna go!

jalna said...

So funny, Mich. We're so alike in many ways.

You're gonna love it there, Les!

Anonymous said...

J: oh man it all looks so good! And the prices are reasonable and the sizes perfect for us. I saw the coats on yelp and thought OMG I gotta wear something that a gadzillion other people have worn cuz, you know, how often do if they ever wash them things. Just the dna on 'em makes me shiver. I going wear a jacket (which I never do) if I visit cuz I can wash my jacket later. Koa btw is so cute, I didn't know their face turned white so young. I wanna get a Koa but probably after my mom is gone cuz it will BE over her dead body! -N

Kay said...

This sounds like a really neat place to go to. I shall have to mention this to Art. That potato peeler brand looks like what I saw at Ikea.

jalna said...

LOL, N . . . that's kinda why I didn't wanna wear one of the coats at first. And then, I almost lost my phone because of the coat. I usually keep the phone in the left pocket of my shorts. After I took the phone out to take pictures, I accidentally put it back in the coat pocket instead of my shorts. Luckily I realized my phone was missing only a few minutes after I had hung the coat back on the rack, and it was still there when I ran back to get it. Coulda been embarrassing running around in the chiller asking people if they had my phone in their coat pocket.

Kay, I remember the very first Kuhn Rikon potato peeler I bought was from Sur La Table in Seattle. We didn't have it here back then.

Anonymous said...

Just a note about this place the majority of the staff is pretty cool but there are two managers who take micromanaging to a whole new level!

Nippon Nin said...

What a fun store! And so fun to read your report! I think the avocado pack is very reasonable...right now Costco sell 5 pack avocados for $7.99 here.

jalna said...

Awww, Anon, that's too bad.

Hey, that's good to know, Akemi.

mmiissee said...

You so lucky...
Over the weekend, I was debating if I should go.
Kona is that old? I swear he was just a puppy a few years ago.
How time flies yeah? He looks so cute.

jalna said...

For real yah, Mmiissee . . . time just flies!!