Sunday, May 10, 2015

Japan 2015 - Day 13 (continuation) - Miyajima

April 19, 2015: Miyajima Island

After visiting the Yamada-ya Manju Factory we continued on to the Miyajima-guchi Pier where we boarded a ferry to Miyajima Island, famed for its scenic Itsukushima-jinja, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 





Deer were everywhere. I remember before when I used to think that they were so cute. Now, all I can think about when I see them is LYME DISEASE.  (Note: To clarify . . . it's just me. I'm pretty sure they don't carry the disease.)




Initially, we were being given a quick tour by our guide so we couldn't really stop and linger, but these looked good to me.

This is fried chicken.

Omotesando is the island's main shopping street.



If you wanted to, you could dress like a samurai. I didn't stop to look at the sign to see the cost . . . didn't want them to think that I was interested.









When I took this shot, I thought "Oh shucks, I missed the girl." But now looking at it, I kinda like it just as is. 

I wish I knew what these mean.

There was a wedding ceremony going on. I eventually did manage to squeeze in and try to take some pictures, but none of my shots came out, and I kinda felt like I was intruding.










After our guided tour, we were free to wander on our own. Me and Sweetie immediately looked for our lunch. Miyajima is known for its oysters. BUT if you are into good hamburgers, you MUST try the Miyajima Burger. Their truck is situated by the samurai.

Besides the teriyaki burger, they have oyster-fried burger, fish burger, and a vegetable burger . . . all 600 yen each.

We shared this teriburger. It was sooooo goooood. Everything about it was perfect . . . the patty, the bun, the sauce.

Here's the proof.  If samurai eat it, you know it's good.

This is the reason me and Sweetie shared one burger instead of ordering two.

We each also had a ramen!!

After lunch we wandered around.

Good thing we were full.

Okay, maybe not that full.

We shared this.

It was still warm!

There were a lot of oyster-eating places.




Sweetie got hers from here.  You can see we're partial to obaachans.



I think Sweetie is sad because our trip is almost over. We leave tomorrow.


Kalin's Mommy said...

Ah an oyster place, I would love it there!

Les said...

so cute, i love that kind of town. Deer!! So lucky! :) hehehe yah, i know how you feel about um! I wanna try that burger now.

jalna said...

I didn't know you like oysters, Mich.

Ooooh the hamburger! Do you remember that tart that we got in Dotonbori, Les? I loooong for that tart. Now I'll loooong for the hamburger too.

K and S said...

the writing on those sticks at the shrine are names of those who donated monies.

Mark Shelby said...

More awesome pics keep coming! Wow! I like the corn on the cobb. But I am the master! That's not the way to do it!

What you do is you leave the leaves on! Then soak the corn on the cobb in water in your sink or a bucket for 2 hours.

Then place your corn on the cobb on your BBQ long before you put your meat on.

Keep turning it every few minutes for 30 minutes!

Then put your meat on. And by the time your meat is done, so is your most awesome BBQ steamed corn on the cobb!

You get this wonderful earthy flavor from the leaves being on!

Then pull the leaves back, but leave them on, because that's your handle!

Then butter and salt! And you are all set for this awesome earthy juicy goodness !

They do this at State Fairs in Minnesota, Iowa and Wisconsin. And those corn on the cobb carts make boatloads of cash!

Les said...

if we can only remember where we found that tart!! we just gotta walk around and get lost again then we'll find it. Lets go looking for some ume!

Unknown said...

We were on a tour last year that included an overnight stay at the Iwaso Inn. They had a small onsen in the basement and after dinner it was just me and a young European tourist soaking in there. As for the wood signs, our tour guide said it was the names of individuals and companies that donated a certain amount of money to the shrine.

Dd said...

wowee....felt like I was watching a movie ooo I totally wouldve bought that I (heart) Japan T-shirt !!

jalna said...

Ooh Kat, thanks!

Holy moly that sounds so good, Mark!

Les, I know EXACTLY where the place is. I'll email you.

Craig, I googled Iwaso Inn. It's actually on Miyajima!! That is so cool. Thanks for the info on the signs. I tried deciphering them and couldn't figure it out.

Shucks, Didi. Shoulda looked for the t-shirt for you.

Lorna said...

Jalna: Do the Japanese deer ticks carry lyme disease? On my first trip,I fed the deer some bugles that I had brought from home, and they mobbed me. I was too slow getting the bugles out, and one bit my okole. On my second trip, I was on a bench, petting and scratching the deer. Got back on ferry, and on the train ride back to Hiroshima, noticed a tick in a disposable cup I had. Must have fallen from my clothes into the cup. Yucko!! But those deer are so precious.

jalna said...

Holy moly, Lorna, I better be careful what I write. Don't wanna cause unnecessary worry or rumors. No, they don't have lyme disease. It's just me being paranoid. But thanks for bringing it up. I edited my post a little bit to clarify. And Lorna, what about monkeys? Have you visited anywhere in Japan that got free-roaming monkeys? There are so many rules about how to behave around the monkeys. The worse to me is "Don't look them in the eye." I remember trying to look everywhere else BUT at the monkeys.

Erick said...

The saimurai looks cool and they eat teri burgers. The teri burger made me hungry.

Lorna said...

Jalna: My boyfriend is afraid of monkeys, so I tried to avoid going where they would be hangin' out bc then I'd have to deal with his anxiety. But I know I would look the monkeys in the eyes call to them and tell the little ones, come to mama! Ha, the monkeys would probably pull my hair and steal my purse. But I just love animals. People, eh, not so much! :-)

jalna said...

Lorna, I could kinda tell that you are an animal lover. You would probably do good with the monkeys. Me, I'd pull a long branch off a tree and use it to keep them at bay.

Nippon Nin said...

Natsukashii!!! I love Miyajima, love Hiroshima! Did you have okonomiyaki there?

This is a very fun post! I was laughing so hard!

jalna said...

We passed on the okonomiyaki, Akemi. We were too busy shopping. Maybe next time.

Anonymous said...

Is Les talking about those custard tarts?
Was this the shop by Akebono's ramen shop?
That custard shop also had a little shop in the Shin Osaka station.

jalna said...

V, it's this one. Sooo ono: