Saturday, March 7, 2015

Sole Survivor

Two years ago I planted some lemon seeds.  They suffered through snail damage, a hungry caterpillar, citrus leaf miner, and of course, DAMN RABBIT.  I only have one plant left. 

It flowered for the first time recently.  Made me so happy!  But, I have worry . . . some of the leaves been turning yellow and then they fall off.  Dunno what to do . . . 



K and S said...

wow! only one plant left, hope it produces some fruit for you:)

jalna said...

Yah, Kat! I so no more green thumb.

Mark Shelby said...

.....hehe! How do you have rabbits Jalna? They of course are not native to Hawaii.

I am laughing because I have another story to share with you Jalna.

When we were kids, my sister had the bright idea of raising rabbits at our home on Diamond Head.

Well.....finally they escaped! And then we had a crazy number of wild rabbits on the back slope of Diamond Head!

22nd Avenue and Paikau Street. You can check it on a map. Top back side of Diamond Head. Just below the crater tunnel.

Then after a while they disappeared.

I think the Mongoose got the rabbits! We had so many mongoose back in the day.

My German Shepard used to chase them.

jalna said...

Sooooo funny, Mark! It was the neighbor's rabbit that kept escaping into our yard despite our attempts to block um. Unreal how they can fit into the tiniest puka.

Honolulu Aunty said...


Go to Koolau Farm (I go to the one on Beretania which used to be Wally's Garden) and ask them what your survivor needs. Show them your picture and/or take a leaf.

They are pretty good resources. I had one plant that looked ragged and they suggested Neem oil (lmk if you want me to make you a mixture) so I sprayed it on and then sprayed it on my sad leafless chili pepper plants and they all did much better.

Congrats on the flower! You may soon have a lemon in your hands, very precious!

Also, thanks for sharing about your seed to tree saga. I always thought it took 7 years from seed to fruit for trees and so I didn't bother but now I am going to get some delicious lime from the neighbor and plant the seeds too so I can have my own sour lime tree!

Kay said...

Your lemon tree is flowering already?!? None of our six California Meyers are blooming. Sigh...

jalna said...

Thanks for the info on Koolau Farms, Aunty! Maybe I'll take a photo of the yellowing leaves and show them. Such a good idea! Good luck with the lime!

Maybe soon, Kay. They look like they're thriving.

Nippon Nin said...

I hope it will survive. Such a nice tree....I love that scent coming from lemon tree. My old neighbor successfully grow lemon tree indoor and gave us one or two (only produced like 3-4 fruits).

I enjoyed Mr.Shelby's story...poor rabbits.

jalna said...

How cool, Akemi . . . an indoor lemon tree!