Tuesday, March 17, 2015

More Pouches

Here are some pouches that made recently.

Isn't this triangular coin purse so cute?  The instructions are here. I found the black and white material in a remnant bin at Walmart.

The zipper and lining material is from a brand-new Paris Blues jean that I got at a garage sale for $1.

Here's a matching pouch.

I used the waistband of the jeans to decorate this pouch.  The canvas-like blue/white material is from an old Roxy bag.

This is a pencil case that I made with a Japanese furoshiki cloth that Leslie gave me a couple of years ago.

Here's a coin purse made with the same material.

Coworker Michele gave me the material that I used for this pencil case. 

Wendell asked me to make him a case for his eyeglasses that he could fit into his fanny pack. I recycled the black material from an  old bag.

The material for these four pouches came from another Roxy bag.

This is the bag that I cut up. I got it for $1 at the Kalaheo Project Grad garage sale last month. IMG_1784

While taking pictures of the four pouches, I decided to shoot this lamp to show you too. It was 5 bucks at the swap meet.  Verilux! Score, hah!

I'm thinking of using these buttons for zipper pulls.  Not sure if they're sturdy enough though 'cause they're plastic. 

But I couldn't resist buying um 'cause they're so cute. Right? They're from Ben Franklin and were $3.50/pack.

Zippers are the most costly item to me. Michele found a good deal on eBay, 100 zippers for $15.  I'm hoping I don't lose interest in sewing until I can make use of most of um. 


Dd said...

OMGawwdd.....so so cute.... ;-}

Lorna said...

I am SO impressed. Your work looks like a professional created all of those bags! Good job, Jalna, and I envy you your creativity!

K and S said...

super creative & cute!

Anonymous said...

J: I bow to your creativity. They are just da bombz! I no more that kine talent and more importantly, p a t i e n c e. Zippers were my nemesis in sewing class so much so that I made dresses without zippers! Yea was hard getting in and out. Jalna, you are so gifted and kudos for sticking it out to the end. Me, I get too impatient and start going too fast and then the seam ripper becomes my best friend -N

jenny said...

Ah they look great! You're so good at it! You sure you don't want to try your hand at selling some? :)

jalna said...

I can make for you special order, Didi. Let me know.

Thanks Lorna. I not really creative, but I know how to steal other people's ideas.

Thanks Kat.

OMG, N. Da seam ripper is my best friend too. Talk about teaching you patience. I spend as much time taking apart as putting together.

Thanks Jenny, but I no like sell. I feel like my interest has peaked already.

celia said...

I truly admire your creativity. You have a gift of seeing potential with things you have or things your friends have given you. Your triangle coin purse is awesome!!! Please do not stop!!!

Nippon Nin said...

Jalna, You're amazing! So cute and love that choice of material! The coin purse is very useful in Japan I bet.

Are you planning to buy Japan Rail Pass? Getting ready for trip is exciting part of trip. Agree?

LOL for reading Anonymous comment!

Honolulu Aunty said...

SO cute and wonderful!!!

I am having to go through all my fabric so that I can have breathing room in my soon to be new sewing room.

Can you come and go through when I am ready?

You are like a mini factory - do you ever rest?

Les said...

That is so awesome!! I love those!!

jalna said...

Awww thanks Celia. I think recycling is the most fun part to me.

Akemi, I agree, planning for a trip is almost as much fun as being on the trip. No rail pass for us. We will be with a tour group.

Sewing room, Aunty!! So cool! I thought to use my father-in-law's room as a craft room, but I waited too long and now it's a storage room.

Thanks Les!

Mark Shelby said...


Jalna, you are the Wonder Woman and Macgyver Girl of Honolulu, all wrapped up into one! ; )

jalna said...

Ahahaha. Thanks, Mark.

Kay said...

I am thoroughly impressed! You and Wendell are both amazing!

jalna said...

Thanks Kay!

Susan said...

Monogram your stuff and give thirty-one a run for their money! L-O-V-E!!!

jalna said...

For real yah, Susan. Those bags are so expensive! But they're good quality. I don't know about mine . . .

Erick said...

You so talented.

jalna said...

LOL. Thanks Erick.