Thursday, March 5, 2015

AGU's Yuzu Jidori Ramen

I usually order the Kotteri Ramen at AGU because I favor a thick, rich broth. Only thing . . . the Kotteri Ramen comes with the thinner Hakata-style noodles which, although good, is not really my favorite style of noodle.

Me and my sister Geri found ourselves at AGU this past Sunday. She ordered the Yuzu Jidori Ramen. Hmmmm, I thought . . . something different . . . and made with Tokyo-style chijire noodles.  So I copied her.


It was ono ono ono. The broth was light yet very flavorful. And the noodles were perfect. I think you should try it the next time you go there.  Here's their menu:  AGU menu.


Lorna said...

Why is it so expensive? I don't think I'd want to pay that much for ramen.

Nippon Nin said...

I'm so hungry after looking at this pic. I love tonkotsu ramen... but have to try shio ramnen made with Hawaiian sea salt. Sounds really good.

Erick said...

I am going there tomorrow, I'll try your suggestion.

Susan said...

I had to quit reading the menu, i can't go to Hawaii and try, lol

jalna said...

Really yah, Lorna!! So expensive! But they're always crowded there . . . so I'll only go if I can be there when they open at 11:00.

Akemi, I never even noticed the Hawaiian sea salt ingredient.

Oooooo, I hope you like it Erick!

Maybe some day, Susan!

jenny said...

We are too alike! I totally love the kotteri but have been getting the jidori as of late. Love it!!

Anonymous said...

J: good info....though pricey if it's that good, it'll be worth it. As you know I'm a ramen freak but I'm a big eater so it's nice to be able to supersize it. Thought only Japan had gourmet type ramen, so it's good to know. Maybe 'one day'. -N

K and S said...

ooh sounds good!

jalna said...

Seems healthier yah, Jenny. No?

N, I like repeat what Lorna said above, "Why so expensive?" Maybe the process to make the ono shiru makes it costly.

Kat, I'm so glad Geri introduced me to it!