Friday, December 26, 2014

Before and After Renovations

We're all pau!  Well, the workers are pau.  Me, I'm still trying to figure out where's the best place to put stuff back to now.  I'm really, really happy with how things turned out.  I would highly recommend the people who did our job.  They're called El Villa Construction, LLC, and you can reach them at 554-4856.  Robert and Elvis were the main workers . . . very conscientious and hard-working filipino guys . . . and they're so, so nice.  We're so pleased with the outcome that Wendell asked them to do more work around the house for us.  They'll be back after the New Year's to fix up our small (really tiny) extra bathroom and our back sliding door.

Here are the before and after pictures for you.







We also got a new microwave, oven and stove top.

This countertop got widened. 

Here's a close-up of the cabinets.  There is a really neat corner unit called a "magic corner" that gives you easy access to the deep part of an inner corner cabinet.  I have a video of Wendell demonstrating how it works.  It'll be on my next post.


Kalin's Mommy said...

Wow, nice! Just in time for New Year's!

Les said...

Veeeeeery nice!!!!! said...

Nice Jalna. I also like the before and after of your dog in the kitchen. Was he part of the renovation.

Anonymous said...

J: I love it,all of it. Congratulations. Almost like a new house. It's also so efficient. Who did the designing like how the space should be like becuz it is really great and I love open floor plans, which is the trend these days. I love Koa's mellow attitude too. He sleeps everywhere. How old is he? -N

celia said...

Jalna,so very beautiful!!! Kona must be so happy renovation is all pau, he looks tired and relieved!!!

Kay said...

TOTALLY impressed! They did a fabulous job and that's a huge, gorgeous, functional kitchen.

jalna said...

Thanks, Mich. I'm still working on putting stuff back into the cabinets . . . too much OCD happening in my brain.

Thanks, Les.

LOL, thanks, gtango. Totally looks like Kona was part of it, yah!

Thanks, N! Wendell totally planned the layout, and pretty much took care of everything. I did get to choose what I wanted though. Kona is 9 years old already.

Celia, you are so spot on about Kona. He does not do good with change and was pretty stressed during the whole renovation.

Thanks Kay! I really am enjoying the extra space.

Erick said...

Nice, love all the counter space.

SW said...

wow. impressive new kitchen.. unfortunately, Kona looks rather unimpressed..:-)

Susan said...

Hallelujah! Can't wait to see all the yummy stuff that comes cookin out of that new kitchen ; )

Nippon Nin said...

Oh my goodness! Super nice! I'm so jealous!

jalna said...

Me too, Erick.

Yeah, Shun Wah. I think he's relieved that it's all pau.

Yahoo yah, Susan. Maybe I should try and bake something. The oven blows air out . . . so strange to me.

Akemi, I remember when you had your kitchen renovated. I'm thinking that it must be really nice.

K and S said...

so nice!