Saturday, September 27, 2014


Went to check out J-Shop again the other day and found this tray of WAGYU beef.  This Top Sirloin Butt was cheaper ($34.20/lb.) than the Short Rib cut that I bought the first time ($56.70/lb.) that I visited the store.


Just look at that! Sorry, no photo of the cooked version . . . it was gone too fast.  You shoulda seen the look on Landon's face as he ate it.  He would shake his head with each bite, smile and say, "That is ridiculously ono." He said that he has not had any other meat that is better. 

Wouldja believe that the cashier gave me this ice to keep the meat cold on my ride home?  Howzdat yah!


Dd said... you cook it ??

Anonymous said...

J: it's mouth watering ono. I hope they stay open long enuf for me to get some extra kala so that I can at last buy a tray of meat. I think dis the only place that sells wagyu beef so the only shot to buy it. Was their shelves empty or full? Busy or not? -N

Anonymous said...

With these prices I would of expected a warm hug and a ride home! ;)

K and S said...

looks good!

jalna said...

Landon just fried it. Not sure if he did anything special, but it was gooood.

N, they were busier than I expected . . . I was third in line at the checkout. The shelves were not really empty, but not real full either. The tray that I got was the only one for that price. The rest were more expensive.

Maybe you get that with the $75/lb. and up meats, Anon. LOL.

I only see them at the J-shop, Kat.

Mark Shelby said...

The prices would scare me right out of that store! And I don't care how cute the meat is! ; )

I would rather suffer through a free baby first birthday Luau, with all of the free food! At least babies are cuter! ....hehe

jenny said... mouth is watering looking at the meat and it's raw. The marbling looks insane. Can I come over for dinner next time? hehe...:)

jalna said...

Mark that's so funny . . . "suffer through a baby first birthday luau" . . . ahahahaha.

Jenny, it's so intriguing to me . . . the marbling . . . howdahell?

Susan said...

I can't see the price. Anyway, makes me wonder how they care for that cow and what they feed them to get marbling like that. Knowing how the Japanese do things so meticulously, those cows probably live in a mansion of some sort, lol.

Nippon Nin said...

When I visited J shop in July, everything were so expensive, I bought some pickles and chips but not beef. I should have..look at that marbling of the meat, awesome!

jalna said...

Susan, I saw a video of the cows getting massaged and fed beer. The massage portion was nice, but the force feeding of the beer seemed cruel to me . . . but then again . . . maybe they like that too.

Akemi, they don't always have small trays for under $20. They have more of the $25 and up kind.

Erick said...

It looks so tender and ono!!!

jalna said...

I know for sure you would like it, Erick.