Friday, May 2, 2014

Suckling Pig

By special request, here is a picture of the roast suckling pig that we had for Easter.  It came from Nam Fong.  It was around 8 pounds and cost $240. Buns were $6.75/dozen. We all chipped in for it. 

I have mixed feelings about eating this pig.  I mean, it was really ono and all . . . but I feel bad 'cause it was just a baby.  I think it wouldn't have been so bad if it didn't have the head with the cute little snout on it.


Nam Fong has mixed reviews on Yelp.  One thing everybody seems to agree on though is that they're rude there.  

Here's one funny review from back in 2012:

"The charsiu I bought today is spoiled" So begins my futile call.

"Wat? You like how many pounds charsiu?"  is the reply in heavily accented English.

"No, I already bought the charsiu this morning and its spoiled."

"You pay wen you pickup.  How many pounds you like?" with a little disgust in her voice.

"What the?  No I already have the charsiu.  Its spoiled.  Bad.  Old." I bark back.

"I no understand." and she hangs up.

Undeterred, I have my Cantonese speaking bud call, confident of success.  A few short minutes he's calling me back.  "Dude, she said you need to eat it faster."

"What do you mean I need to eat it faster?  Did you tell her I just bought it this morning?  Like less than an hour ago?"

"Dude, I'm just telling you what she told me.  It's your fault, you didn't eat it fast enough.  She said they have a fresh batch now, you can come in and buy some more." he says choking back the laughter.

"Chi sin" I yell then terminate the call.

I looked it up. Chi sin means "crazy".  LOL. 


Dd said...

The other day, I was at Golden Coin (in the Walmart building), in the window was a picture of a pigs head, that they sell, 12# JUST THE HEAD !!! But...that's a heck of a lot of jowl meat ;o} da best part. Should've found out the $$

Anonymous said...

I got to try this and it was awesome....I didn't get a chance to pity the little pig:( sorry!

As for rudeness...they are no different from any other vendor in Chinatown haha...that's typical. One of the ruder places is Sun Chong on hotel street! Pushy, loud and the younger daughter is working there and she is just as awful, reprimanding me for simply touching a package! Sorry this store sucks.

Susan said...

Hmmm, 8 lbs, I have to think about that one too. Must be sooo good for that price. We buy 50 lbs here for $375 and really good. Very fragrant with lemongrass. And the lady so nice. She took me out back to show me the "production" ay yai yai, why did she have to do that! Lol

Anonymous said...

Damn that sure looks good! But $30/lb that's a little out of my price range. Thanks for the pictures from the party I shared them with everyone in the office and they loved them especially the one with Donovan lying down. I understand there may have been some editing done on that one. I'm glad you and Landon had a good time and thanks for coming!

Anonymous said...

LOL yeah, it's hard to eating anything that has their face still on. When I first moved to Hawaii and went to my firt ever Chinese Baizan I was shocked to not only see the pig's head but a full boiled chicken with the head still on and obviously a rooster cuz the comb was still intact. It's eyes were staring blankly at me the entire dinner. Then they served me fish intestines soup -- most of the meal, being the first ever time with my in-laws, was to hold my breath and eat my food. There was no way to back down without offending the entire family, including 96 yo Popo. I was just a city girl growing up with Japanese-Am. food not all these 'exotic' and regional dishes. It took me a few years but I got use to the country and ethnic style. Aloha -N

jenny said...

ohhh is this an easter tradition with you folks? we order a whole pig for bai san and split it with the good yet so bad for you. :)

jalna said...

Ack, Didi, just the head!

Anon, even in Japan where everyone is normally so cordial, I got scolded for taking a picture of a fugu fish. I got a mad, mean, irritated face glaring at me with pointed finger. This was in Osaka. I wasn't expecting just a stern reaction.


Ross, I didn't post the super-Photoshopped picture of Donovan. I'll email it to you.

N, reminds me of one time I had lunch with a boyfriend and his parents while we were on an outting. They had brought tripe stew. I didn't want to offend, but try as I might, I just couldn't eat it.

No, Jenny, not a tradition. We kinda eat what we feel like. One Easter we had pizza. My brother-in-law made all different kinds . . . was soooo good.

K and S said...

wow expensive...

Nippon Nin said...

Ha ha ha ha ha! The review was really funny!

Sorry, I can't eat food that its' head still attached...except fish.

jalna said...

Akemi, I wonder if she really didn't understand what he was saying or just pretending. Hahahaha.