Tuesday, May 20, 2014

My Tofu Sauce

My sauce for my tofu kinda failed.  This is what happened.  I looked online for ideas and I kinda made up this recipe.  I put 1/2 cup mirin, 1/4 cup sake and 1/4 cup shoyu into a small pot.


My plan was to simmer it on low for 25 minutes . . . that's what one of the recipes said to do. Only thing, after 25 minutes the sauce still looked too thin and watery.  I shoulda stopped there but I didn't.

I left it on the stove for just a little bit more . . . and it got too thick.  You know what though?  Tasted good. 

Now I feel like I wanna try to make my own tofu.  Have you tried before?


Nippon Nin said...

This looks good to me. I love tofu!
I'm having this for breakfast lately - tofu and natto. Low calories and healthy.

jenny said...

Looks awesome! You make me wanna run out to aala tofu too. You have a new creation on your hands, and today we have a reduction of teriyaki sauce. fancy! I was gonna try to find a fancy french word for sauce but sauce is french...hahaha

Anonymous said...

J: I love how you are exploring. I looked up tofu making on the web and though it "sounds" easy it is labor intensive in terms of having to stir and stir and attending when making the soy milk.. They do say that the taste is amazing. One mentioned they sell tofu making kits, i.e. the stuff you need to turn it into tofu but it's ez ingredients that can be found in a kitchen. When you do it, please share! Oh the condo is Mt. Terrace. We managed a few out in HI Kai -N

Anonymous said...

Don't do it!!!! I tried and it's a lot of humbug.

K and S said...

looks good!

jalna said...

Tofu and natto, Akemi! Very healthy!

LOL, Jenny!!

Not real sure yet, if I'm gonna do it, N. I read one blog where a girl and her friends tried to make tofu, and after all the hard work it failed.

Ohhhh Anon, I wondered if you had tried. I'm thinking maybe I should ask my sisters to help me. Then it might be fun.

Thanks Kat!!

DNakamaru said...

Sauce looks good to me!
Homemade tofu? You go!

jalna said...

Hahahaha. Thanks Dean.