Friday, May 23, 2014


Holy Moly!  Sorry, my pictures are HUGE. I selected the wrong size in Flickr. Hope you can view them okay.

This was my lunch the other day.  I wen drag out my folding table so that I could take advantage of the window light. 

Here's the salad before I put on the dressing. I like to put strawberries into my salad.  There's also turkey, salami, Havarti cheese and a cranberry/walnut topping.

This is the dressing that I added on after taking the picture.

And here's the topping.  I think it's from Safeway.

Here's the iced coffee.  I got it at Foodland. My receipt says $6.99, but that seems expensive. I thought it was on sale, but maybe it wasn't.

And here's leftover Cauliflower Soup and Puff Paratha.


Nippon Nin said...

Gorgeous salad! Love the coloring. The sesame salad dressing and glazed walnuts sounds really good!

I would like to make the cauliflower soup soon.

You had a nice you always eat like this? I had cereal for lunch the other day.

jalna said...

No, Akemi, I don't always eat like that. I got kinda carried away. You eat cereal for lunch? No wonder you're so slim.

Anonymous said...

J: Wow that looks so good, like a gourmet lunch. I could feel my arteries unclog a little! Thanks for the directions, was thinking of another store. I inherited a long cab truck and parking it is not fun. I've reversed into so many things incld. another car already. So I pick and chose where I go based on ease of parking/reversing. -N

Erick said...

So gourmet!

K and S said...


Anonymous said...

Looks very yummy....I know you are an expert in glazing nuts;)

Anonymous said...

Btw. ...where is the greens?;)

jalna said...

N, the parking area is not too spacious. I totally suck in small spaces . . . and my car is not big . . . so ease of parking is a major issue for me too.

LOL. That's me, Erick!

Thanks, Kat.

Hahahahaha . . . funny, Anon!

Les said...

wow that salad looks yum!