Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Wendell's Persian Beef Stew

Wendell found this recipe in last Wednesday's The Electric Kitchen column in the Star-Advertiser, and he made it for us for dinner on Friday night. It was a nice twist from the stew that we're normally used to.  Wendell said he thinks it would be good made with lamb. But yuck, yuck, ptui, ptui . . . I'm glad he didn't do that.


And yay!!  I found the recipe online, so I no need type the whole thing out.  You can find it here.


Leslie's pics said...

hmmm, interesting...did it taste like chili??

Erick said...

Me and Wendell must have known each other in our previous life. I just cut that recipe from the newspaper.

jalna said...

No, Les, not like chili . . . maybe kinda curry-ish.

I do think you guys are kinda similar in the food department, Erick.

Nippon Nin said...

Wow! I thought it is curry rice. I'm going to check the recipe. Looks very good!

jalna said...

I think you'd like it, Akemi!