Sunday, April 27, 2014

Eye Shadow, etc.

I mentioned previously that the only makeup I use nowadays is eye shadow and eye liner.  This is my favorite eye shadow.  It's made by MAC.  I bought it at the swap meet, new and unused, from a gal who sold cosmetics there.  I got it for around $7.


This is all that's left of it.  Unfortunately the girl hasn't been at the swap meet for awhile so it looks like I'm gonna have to fork out $15 to replace it.

And while we're on the subject, if you're ever in Marukai, try hang out around the cosmetics section.  You might get lucky and receive some Conju samples from the lady there.  Me and my sisters scored at the Ward store and then again when we went to the Dillingham branch.  We stay getting all smooth skin on our faces now. 

I would show you guys my smooth face but this is the best that I could do.


Anonymous said...

J: heh heh you like me when it comes to my fave eyeshadow. For chinsey me, $15 is soooo expensive. But if it's good and you like it, that's all that matters plus it lasts a long time. BTW I love your pixs! Such detail and easy for see. I nevah appreciate pix quality until I got my Nikon vs. my phone vs. my cheapie digital camera.

Thanks for the 411 on the make-up info...I'll plan to go to Marukai Dill. this coming week so I going try act casual around the cosmetic counter though I rarely see workers around there.

You got young hands, very youthful. Yeah, I look at stuff lil dat cuz my own hands are so vein-y looking, they look old.
-Aloha, N

Dd said...

soooo....I didn't get all those samples w my conju ?? I got all essence

jalna said...

N, $15 is too much for me too, but you're right . . . it does last long. The last time I was at Dillingham, the cosmetic lady was helping somebody when I got to her area. I browsed around in the next aisle and returned. This time she was helping a different person. I went to a different aisle and returned again, only to find her packing up. Shucks!

Erick said...

Wow, that Conju stuff really works well! I can hardly see the wrinkles on you face. It is amazing, they are all gone, I can't see anything.

Anonymous said...

J: opened my AOL email and got a notice from them that there was a security breach and to change all our passwords. Right after you got hacked, my g/f in FL who doesn't use her AOL acc't much got hacked and I figured that she was hacked cuz she cc:'d everyone to a link.

Gawd I hate having to change all my AOL passwords. I am running outta p/w that I will REMEMBER. (old 60's mind) -Aloha, N

kimiko58 said...

Save your empty MAC cosmetics containers...they have a recycle program and you can get free lipstick.

jalna said...

LOL, Erick!

Thanks for the tip, Kimiko!

jalna said...

Heeey, N, how come I neva get that email? And how come only a "chosen" few got hacked? Hah? Hah? So irritating.

Leslie's pics said...

hahaha I was cracking up with Erick's comment. But wow, you no waste any of it yah??

jalna said...

Les, I'm still trying to get more out of the container.

Nippon Nin said...

I would like to try the eye shadow you really like. And the it Korean? I think it means 'Princess' in Korean. You're so cute!

jalna said...

It is Korean, Akemi, and you're right . . . it's called "Princess".