Monday, March 17, 2014

Rolo Pretzel Delights

Coworker Mel bought this from Sam's Club.  Sorry, I forgot to ask how much it cost.  Michele put um together one morning at work.  The box says it makes 50.


This is how many had left by the time I got to work.


Anonymous said...

Try bring that tube of natto for an added textural going be all gone fast!!!!;)

Mark Shelby said...

Oh No!

More Yumminess!

Dd said...

yummmm.....sweet and salty huh

jalna said...

That tube's been doing good at our house, Anon. I think my son likes the easy access.

I agree, Mark . . . oh no!

Always a good combination yah, Didi.

Nippon Nin said...

Ha ha ha. Dear Anonymous, that's terrible idea. But I might eat it. I hope I could find 'Rolo pretzel delights'.

Anonymous said...

I want to know what kind natto you buying that is easy access tube dispenser?

Anonymous said...

So glad that tube o natto found a happy home! I don't eat any other bc they are dried and not as fresh. I use this for the,pasta recipe that won over my friend! She even bought one too!

Erick said...

Looks yummy!

jalna said...

Actually Akemi, since you're such a great cook/baker, you might want to try to make it from scratch yourself. I found a recipe here .

Linda, I'll post a picture of the tube later today or tomorrow.

Thanks for the tip, Anon!

It was, Erick.