Monday, February 24, 2014


Here are a few of the omiyage that I brought back from Hokkaido. Some aren't really "omiyage" 'cause they were for my house.

Cookie from Shiroi Koibito . . . two shortbread-like cookies with chocolate in between.  !!!!!!

It came individually wrapped.

Hoshi ume.

What does this say?  No MSG?

It is da best.

Not like this one.  I got this at Don Quijote in Tanukikoji Arcade. I thought the "maple" flavoring would be interesting.  Was junk.  Maple no match with ume.

Jaga butter (steamed potato with butter) seems to be popular in Japan.  I thought this Jaga Butter Furikake would be good.

It's not.  It's just okay.

If you go to Japan, buy this. . . . around $3.80 for one.  Got um all over the place . . . even at the airport.  And at the airport everything is around the same price as outside.  Howzdat yah!  It's like a fried mochi crunch. Buy plenty. Give me some.  I bought 3 bags . . . ate one, gave away the second, dunno what happened to the third.  I still looking for um.

I thought this was the coolest omiyage to bring back. Umbrella!!  Only 5 bucks and it can practically fit in your pocket.  I bought ten of these at Tokyu Hands. Would you believe that the cashier opened all ten of um to check to make sure that they were in good working order!  No way would they do that here.

At Daimaru Department Store we tasted samples of this shrimp furikake on little rice rolls. It was good so a bought a bottle.

Mostly I was impressed with the rice.  So I got this little bag.  It was $5!!

This Wakasaimo seems to be a popular omiyage gift from Hokkaido.  It's a potato manju . . . I think it's steamed.

This Kayanoya Dashi is really, really good.  I couldn't see paying $20 for a pouch of 10 bags though, so I chose the 5-pouch bags instead.  I wish I bought more though 'cause after I got back home I saw the same thing at Nijiya market for double the price!

This is a garlic condiment.  Dunno really what to use it for so we put it on rice.

Garlic shichimi!

I bought two of these bottles of rayu. They were $5 each.  I saw the picture of the garlic and chili pepper so thought it would be good.  Unfortunately, I didn't notice TARAKO in big letters . . . salted roe.  Ewwwwww.

Got this from a sake store.  Ika legs.  I got it for my son.  It's still in the 'fridge.

These were $3 each . . . different kine shoyu . . . except I dunno what it says.

At the airport on our way home, samples of this were being given out.  It tasted like a creme brulee cheesecake. It was heavenly awesome!!!  It was $10. 

For only $2 more they packed it in a foil pouch with some gas ice for me.  I hand carried it home.  TSA didn't confiscate. Happy happy.  My family ate only a few pieces . . . but I didn't push it.  I got to eat about half for myself.  Oink oink.

I worried about bringing these tins of butter home.  Thought they might melt, but because it was so cold in Hokkaido I decided to take the chance.  I wrapped it up in my clothes and stuffed them deep in my suitcase.

I did the same with a box of this cheese.  When I unwrapped them back home, they were still cold!  Yippee!!  

If I had remembered to declare this ramen to Customs, they probably woulda not let me bring it in.  Turns out that if the flavor packets contain any meat product, it's not allowed.  Chicken BTW is totally forbidden.

Well, that kinda wraps it up for the trip.  I enjoyed sharing my photos with you. 


kobi said...

Thanks for sharing. I really enjoyed the pics and commentary.

DNakamaru said...

Ho man! That's a lotta stuff to bring back da suitcase musta been heavy!

jalna said...

Oh you're so welcome, Kobi. Glad you enjoyed!

Dean, you shoulda seen my sisters' suitcases . . . especially Geri's!!

Les said...

wow, you brought back a lot of stuff...was it more than the last time??

K and S said...

the hoshi ume says "hoshi ume" & the shoyus are with different types of konbu (rausu, rishiri, hidaka, kagome) from around Hokkaido . nice stash you brought home :)

jalna said...

Les, I think I brought back more variety than last time, but not as much in volume. Last time I bought 6 of everything (for the family). This time they came with me!

Thanks Kat!! My son is really enjoying the shoyu. Now I can tell him what the kanji mean.

Anonymous said...

On the picture of the individual ume pack, it says "tane nashi", which means seedless.

jalna said...

Oooooooh . . . seedless! Thanks, Anon.

Nippon Nin said...

I know the Shiroi Koibito cookies! I have a song/CD used in TV commercial for it and I still sing the song by memory! You probably paste Garlic miso for meat or fish to grill? Sounds yummy. Memo to myself, buy Tokachi Catalana on next Hokkaido trip. But I don't know when would that be...Nagasaki and Hokkaido is opposite side and so far away. This is really fun post! I enjoyed it very much.

renee said...

What is the gadget you bought from tokyu hands?

jalna said...

Awwww, thank you, Akemi!

Renee, someone else asked me the same thing via email! I didn't realize that it was unrecognizable. It's an umbrella!! (I just added that info into the post). It opens up to a regular-size width umbrella, and can fit easily into your purse. I brought one back when me and Les went to Japan 2 years ago and gave it to my mom. She likes it so much, she asked me to bring back five for her this time. Dunno what she's gonna do with five but . . .

Les said...

FIVE?!?! HOLY COW! Plus the two that I gave you? That's 7!!

jalna said...

Les, I actually gave her your two plus three from my batch.

Mokihana said...

How long were you gone? Looks like you came home with some awesome stuffs!!

jalna said...

Only one week, Moki. You should see the stuff my sisters bought.