Thursday, September 5, 2013

Landon's Meatball Soup

Landon treated me and Wendell to a shabu shabu dinner last week to celebrate Wendell's birthday.  So sweet, yah. He bought lobster, crab legs, thinly sliced beef and choke vegetables.  He made a kinda buttery broth to cook in and two different kinds of dipping sauces. They all waited until I got home from work so that I could enjoy the meal with them. 


A few days later, Landon made this meatball soup using the leftover watercress and won bok.  I totally loooooooved it.

This is the best "recipe" that I could get from Landon:

Sautee 4 pieces of sliced bacon with about 1/4 lb. of ground pork.  Deglaze with some sake. Add chicken broth, at least 1/4 c. of oyster sauce, 1 tbs. chili garlic sauce and 2 tbs. pickled ginger slices.  Add watercress and won bok. When vegetables are around half cooked, thicken a little with some cornstarch slurry. Add in meatballs.

For the meatballs:  3/4 lb. ground pork, 1 tbs. sesame oil, pickled ginger, oyster sauce, shoyu and chopped up fishcake (Amano brand).  Was so so so so ono.


jenny said...

Wow what a wonderful treat! You have a great son Jalna. :) Everything looks oh so ono.

Anonymous said...

Dat meatball soup looks so ONO!!!!!! Great job Landon!!!!! So creative!!!!! Thanks for sharing. -lance

Susan said...

Oh my, I need a Landon! You are blessed!

DNakamaru said...

Both dishes sound so good!

jalna said...

Jenny, I'm so lucky I have two good cooks in the house.

I hope you get to try make um, Lance!

Thanks Susan!

Yah, they were Dean. Hope you're doing okay.

Erick said...

Sounds and looks so ono!