Friday, July 19, 2013

Happy Birthday CQ!

Today is CQ's birthday!  CQ's taking off today, so we celebrated her birthday yesterday.

Mich picked up this Lemon Crunch Cake from The Alley.  It's my favorite!  I was good and only had a tiny, little sliver.


Mich also picked up lunch from Sakura Terrace.  This is the Sakura Chirashi Don ($18).

Unagi Don ($19.00)

Yakiniku Don ($9.50)

Pumpkin Nimono ($5.25)

Tonjiru Miso Soup ($4).  In case you're wondering . . . this is mine.

Because of our Biggest Loser Competition, I weigh myself every morning now.  Wouldja believe I gained a pound since yesterday!  That totally sucks. But . . . my total weight loss after one week of dieting is  . . . 4 pounds.  


Lindy Lau said...

Happy Birthday CQ!

DNakamaru said...

I left a happy birthday comment but it show up as lindy but it was me, Dean. just thought i'd let you know. And don't give up on the dieting. You can do it!

Kalin's Mommy said...

The Unagi don was $19, not 9.50. I liked it there, it's quality and not quantity. :)

jenny said...

Keep up the good work jalna! That cake looks amazing. Born and raised here and have never been to The Alley restaurant! I plan to go this weekend mainly to try that cake!

Erick said...

The sushi looks so ono. I think you suppose to lose weight when you diet. Good luck!

jalna said...

Thanks Dean!!

$19.50!!!!! I think my brain couldn't process that amount of money, Mich! Thanks; I fixed it. My miso soup was really good.

OMG Jenny, I hope you do get to go. That cake is amaaaazing!

I know Erick! How can you GAIN weight while eating less? It was waaaaay easier 30 years ago.

Kalin's Mommy said...

Haha, slow down...$19.00 not 19.50.

Nippon Nin said...

What an awesome looking cake! I love chirashi zushi don and unagi donburi - a bit expensive but not as much as in Japan. Yummy! Good luck with your diet.

jalna said...

OMGaaaawd, thanks Mich. I fixed it AGAIN.

jalna said...

Thanks Akemi!

Dd said...

Wowee...I wonder if they are owners of Sakura YA, they opened within days of each other... okazuya bento place on Beretania ?? I go there often, tho would like to go for lunch, coz I go afer work and most of their goodies are sold out...used to be Georges Delicatessen, across from to Asian Market & that Mexican store Mercado something