Thursday, May 16, 2013

Kona's Toy

Sorry, kinda lame post today.  Been studying up on Buddhism. Hard for understand some stuff.  I think it's gonna take me several lifetimes to get it.

This is Kona's favorite toy lately.  Well . . . actually it's his only toy lately.  I cut up an old t-shirt into strips and wrap several layers around a squeaky ball.  He tears it apart and then I wrap um up again.  It's not the snazziest-looking toy, but it's cheap.



Lorna said...

That is great! Don't need expensive pet toys; half the time, the dogs and cats ignore the toys they have, and prefer playing with things like dead chickens (for the dogs), and the cats especially like tormenting and killing small creatures like anoles and geckos (ugh). Or tearing up plants and flowers!

Erick said...

Cool toy, I going to try make one.

Nippon Nin said...

One handsome dog!

Any religion is hard I think. I struggle a lot too so I pray often.

jalna said...

Wait Lorna . . . dead chickens? HAHAAHAHA. That is so funny!!!!

I think your cat would love one, Erick.

I've always felt a special connection with you Akemi, even though we've never met. I'll try to pray often too.