Thursday, February 21, 2013

Swap Meet 2/16/13

It started to pour when we arrived at the swap meet this past Saturday.

It was kinda cold too.

But that didn't stop some die-hard shoppers from checking out the goods.

It slowly started to clear up, and the hoard emerged.  It can get pretty scary for the seller if they're not prepared for the crowd of people who will go through their stuff even while they're still setting up.

That first hour can be pretty intimidating for them.

But after the rush . . . 

things will settle down.

This man and his wife are at Kam every Saturday.  He usually sells out pretty much all of his plants.

He was selling this Shooting Star plant for $12.50.

This is the girl that sold Geri that beautiful hat the previous week. She brought the price down from $5 to $3 just for Geri.

The rain pretty much went away, and we were able to check out the stuff comfortably.

Geri found these box wrap kits.  They were 50 cents each.

Dunno if you remember, but Sweetie bought a matching blue one like this on another outing. She got this one too.  It was $1.

I bought these for 50 cents each.  I'm using them to display my marbles. I'm separating them by style, now that I'm beginning to recognize them.

Remember these from back in the day?  You roll it on the ground and the duck's feet flap, flap, flap.  Geri plans to restore it.  It was $7.

Sweetie bought this grill for $20. The price dropped slowly from $40 to $30 and then finally to $20.

I bought this fanny pack for Landon.  It was $6.  Wendell said he wants one too.

I have no clue.

Some guy gave Geri a sob story about his wife leaving him and how he needed money so she bought this bag from him. I forget how much it was.

She bought this cute bumble bee costume for $1.50.

I thought this ABC book was so cute.  I got it for $1.

This was $1.

We each got one of these.   It was 3/$20.

I'm so glad that as we were leaving, this guy was lugging his keyboard . . . 

because then Sweetie wouldn't look so strange by herself as she crossed the street lugging her abdominal exercising gizmo.


Kalin's Mommy said...

OMG...I wish I could go with you guys just to see you folks in action!

Dd said...

AHAHAHAHaa....OMGoodness....what I miss out on since I gotta work ;o{

Dd said...

BTW-I see the grill at Sushi Bars, where they grill the Unagi !!

Erick said...

Wow, you went in the pouring rain. You not die hard you professional swap meeter. LOL

jalna said...

Mich, it's actually a kinda social thing for us now, especially since we've gotten to know the "regulars".

Didi, Geri said she got some special charcoal she's gonna give Sweetie!

I knoooow Erick. But you know what . . . the rain always stops.

Susan said...

Jalna, I bought some shooting star plants and they grow like weeds. My husband cut them down one time to my horror but little ones come up all around. The fish smell really bad while you cook them and my mil said that some ppl call them Filipino bacon. Good with tomatoes and onions though.The little grill was used to serve yakitori at a Japanese restaurant here.

jalna said...

I think that plant is so pretty, Susan. The fish does looks like it would smell bad . . . LOL! The grill must look so cool with some yakitori sticks on it.

Nippon Nin said...

That hibachi grill is so neat...but so small! I would buy it anyway though. I see...reading others comment, this is an individual table top grill, right? Really neat! I have never seen the Shooting Star plants before, I think it's very pretty flower. It's fun to read your swap meet post (as always).

jalna said...

Thanks Akemi! I can imagine the grill atop your nicely decorated tabletop.