Sunday, February 10, 2013

New Hope

I decided to join my sisters Sweetie and Geri at church today. Yup, I went to church . . . New Hope Diamond Head . . . to be specific.

I'm not religious at all.  I try my best to be a kind human being while I'm here . . . that's about it.  Once in awhile though, I feel a need to connect with something > I (seen this on cars, hahaha), so I joined my sisters today.


The pastor was funny.  I think his name was Fernando . . . something like that.  He talked about three secrets to a happy marriage . . . 1) front to front (communication), 2) side to side (time together), and 3) boom chika wah wah (no explanation needed).    I enjoyed his sermon.

Outside there was a fundraiser of sorts.


After church I asked my sisters if they wanted to go look for Madagascar geckos at the KCC cactus garden.

This is a baby one . . . soooo cute!


Erick said...

You went to church? It's going to snow. LOL

Susan said...

Do you mean " He > I " ? They are cute!

jalna said...

AHAHAHAHA, funny Erick. No wonda was cold last night.

Dat's da one, Susan!

Leslie's pics said...

Whoooa, I was right there when the service got out...Randy and I were power walking around Diamond Head. Too bad we missed you guys! I was wondering what kind of stuff they were selling

jalna said...

Hey, Les, next time you gotta join us!

Nippon Nin said...

Sounds like a fun church. The pastor got good points, I should remember that. Thank you!

jalna said...

He was very entertaining Akemi!