Friday, February 1, 2013

My Lemon Orchard

Here's my lemon orchard.  Cute yah!


This is my third crop.  I got the red containers at the swap meet.  They were around 10 cents each. I found homes for 4 of the plants.  (Fay, I'll be dropping one off at your house soon.) The rest are homeless, so let me know if you want one.  Otherwise, I'll just keep um until they're bigger and I'll ask again.

This is my oldest plant.  I think it came from my second batch which I planted in November. It's doing well . . . I'm so proud!  I spray Miracle Grow on all of the plants every Sunday.  I think it helps.

Guess what these are.  Ka'u oranges!!  I was surprised when one orange only gave me three seeds.  I usually can get at least a dozen seeds from one lemon.  I lucked out when all three seeds sprouted. Would you guys be interested in orange plants?  If so, let me know and I'll try grow more.

I bought these beautiful lemons from the swap meet this past weekend. They were 4/$1.00.

A guy was selling this plant there too.  He said it's about 1 1/2 years old and is a grafted tree. 

I found this video on grafting.  I'm kinda confused about the process.  I can understand . . . say you got a lemon tree with loads of branches.  So you cut off some of the branches to graft onto a host plant. Here's my question:  Where do you get your host plant from?  And does it have to be lemon tree? And if you already got a host lemon tree, what's the point? 



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jalna said...

Hahaha. thanks, Kat.

Taryn M said...

Hi Jalna! Do the lemon plants have to be planted into the ground later? I would love to have one if I can later on transfer it to a big planter of some sort.

jalna said...

Taryn, actually my plan is to try and keep my tree in a big planter too. I've seen pictures of lemon trees still in pots with plenty fruit on um. I pass by your mom's house every day after dropping Aunty off at Leahi. I can leave one there for you if you like.