Friday, January 4, 2013

Glenn's Pizza!!!

For New Year's Day celebration at my house we had the traditional New Year's Day Pizza! Whaaa??  You guys don't have pizza on New Year's Day?? Well, we always look forward to brother-in-law Glenn's homemade pizza so it was unanimously voted that that's what we were gonna have.  Hooo hoo!

There's a cool story behind Glenn's shirt, and I'm probably gonna screw it up 'cause I vaguely remember that the story involves a couple of visits, but anyway here's my version.  Glenn was in Washington by himself when he decided to catch a baseball game.  It was a Los Nationals(?) Latin Appreciation Game so he got in for $5.  While at the game he saw a guy wearing a Hilo Vulcans t-shirt and Glenn commented on the shirt.  The guy turned out to be affiliated with Handly(?) Orchid Isle Motors. After the game the guy invited Glenn to join them for grinds at Good Stuff Eatery where Obama Burgers are made.  Glenn saw Chef Spike Mendelsohn. (OMG, I thought he was some old dude. I just googled him and he's a handsome young guy.) Glenn commented to Chef that he liked the shirt he was wearing.  So guess what happened?  Chef stopped what he was doing, walked to a back room and brought a shirt back for Glenn!!  How cool izthat?

Glenn uses provolone and smoked provolone cheese which he grinds(?), minces(?), cuts(?) into small little bitty pieces.  Here's the first pizza.  It's a Pepperoni Pizza.


Next is Sausage with Oyster Mushroom.



Combination Pizza.  He used sun-dried something(can't read my notes) olives.

Shrimp Pesto with Artichoke Hearts


Another slightly different version of the Shrimp Pesto Pizza.

Pepperoni with Onion and Bell Pepper.  Glenn ended up making 15 PIZZAS!!!  Thank you soooooo much Glenn!!!!

We totally, totally enjoyed every single one of um.

Here's Kona who insisted on being in on the action.

Geri made her onolicious, best eva Ozoni.  Her recipe is here.



We didn't have any leftover this year!

Diem's aunty made a corn dish.  It had dried shrimp in it!!

Teren deep fried some tako coated with cornstarch and cornmeal.

Geri microwaved(!!) some oysters.

She put some of this on it.  I don't normally eat oysters, but I had to try.  It was good!!

Happy New Year from the little ones.



K and S said...

wow! so awesome

Dd said...

Pretty good...such a good story....but you forgot the part about..Glenn knowing Chef Spike because....I did a show with him...he told Chef..."you know my wife" and thus the friendship began...we visit Chef and his family every year, dad, sis...

Les said...

yummmm! That's cool that he got to meet Spike, he seems like a fun guy. He was one of my favorites on Top Chef :) Doesn't Didi know him or somethin?

Kalin's Mommy said...

Wow thats a pizza cutter! The tako looked really good too!

jalna said...

Our private pizza chef Kat!

Oh yeah, dat's right Didi.

You're right Les. I forgot that part.

Mich, that tako got wiped out!

Dd said...

I SOOO love the pic of Sarah and Aaron

DNakamaru said...

Those pizzas look super good!!!!!!

Erick said...

So cool, I love homemade pizza. I bought a pizza stone and a pizza peel so I could make my own. The toppings Glenn used look super ono. I'll try some of them the next time.

jalna said...

Me too Didi!

Was some ono Dean.

Invite me over when you make pizza Erick! What's a pizza peel?

Nippon Nin said...

Pizzas and zohni look delicious! Happy faces - wonderful! Nice post!

jalna said...

Thanks Akemi. I'm hungry for more now.

Stanette Leimomi Nuuhiwa said...

Wow! A piece of 'pizza art', love it!

jalna said...

Hahahaha, thanks Stanette.