Monday, August 6, 2012

Swap Meet 8/5/2012

Geri couldn't make it yesterday, so it was just three of us at the swap meet.  The day started off cool, but eventually it got hot, hot, hot. The neatest thing was that I saw two of my coworkers there!

This was the first thing that I bought. It was kinda beat up but was only 25 cents.  I dropped it off with Colin on my way home. He could pretty much name all of the animals. 

These were 25 cents each too.

Yes, I did buy these.  I couldn't help myself. Look at the ladybugs . . . so cute.  The whole set was only $2.

Remember these?

What in the world is this used for?

You know my sisters and glassware . . . they just can't resist.  We did a "bundle" deal with the seller, and Sweetie was able to get all three of these items for $5.

A little later, Sweetie saw this and couldn't put it down although she knew that she didn't really need it.  So I bought it for Geri 'cause I knew that if she was with us, she woulda got it.  It was $3.

According to my notes, I paid $3 for this, but I think that's wrong.  I wouldn't have spent $3 for it.  I think it was $1.

This is my absolute favorite buy of the day.  It's lightweight, still in good shape and can hold a ton of unnecessary stuff.  It was being sold by a really nice seller who's always at the swap meet.  It was $10.

We went to Waimalu Shopping Center after the swap meet. We were surprised to see a line of people waiting to buy okazu-ya food at Kabuki Restaurant. Gotta check um out next time when no more line.

There was a whole bunch of eating places to choose from, but we ended up at Palama Market.  This is what was at the entrance. 

This is what we ended up eating.  Funny thing . . . the sellers that we got the glassware "bundle" from were also here, eating Korean shave ice.  It looked so good . . .

so I got one for us! 

It was from here and was $6.50.


mmiissee said...

Food looks yummy. Is that the papingsu?

Anonymous said...

Oh oh...I see that the swapmeet fever has spread to your office!

I can see the knicknacks filling up the desks(paperweights, stuffed animals.. plants) and huge floral displays springing up allover in lovely blown glass vases.

There is help...before the whole staff becomes victims !!!just call 1-800-PAU-SWAP


Anonymous said...

I think those things are for fire knife dancing...

I hope you got them, it would make for a good side job should you need to make some extra cash for all these swap meet forays :O)

Kalin's Mommy said...

Kabuki always get line! Shoyu chicken, nishime, musubi, and mac salad for me! Adobo, chorizo, fried chicken for my husband. I grew up on this food and it still tastes the same from 30 years ago. Kalin got a sweet deal at the swapmeet 4 pokemon puzzles for $1.00. He can't wait to go again!

Leslie's pics said...

So who were the co-workers that you saw over there? I bet they went hoping they'd find better deals than you!

Erick said...

I think those weird things are fire dancing knives. The food and shave ice look ono!

jalna said...

It is papingsu Mmiissee!


I agree Anon, I shoulda got the fire-dancing knives. Wonder how much they were.

4 puzzles for $1 Mich! Hooo hooo, now that's what I'm talking about!! Can't wait to check out Kabuki next time!

Les, I saw Jos and her husband and Mich and family!

Erick, I was wondering why the top of the box was charred. About the food . . . me and my sisters all got MSG reaction from um. Headache and puffy!!

Betty Townsend said...

I have that stamp set...have used it a lot. The shave ice looks so ono! Years ago there use to be these places scattered on the highways selling these blown glass vases. We would see them driving to Arkansas...I use to have quite a rid of them in all the moves I did while I single...

jalna said...

OMG Betty, my sisters would be stopping at every single one of those glass stands!

K and S said...

looks like that fire knife dancing thing...ooh you guys got lots of goodies from palama market too!

Nippon Nin said...

An another great day at the swap meet! I like the rolling back pack. I think $10 is good price for that. Foods look great too.

jalna said...

Kat, my sister mentioned seeing your Palama Market post.

Akemi, I'm planning on using the rolling thing whenever I go to the swap meet.