Friday, August 24, 2012

Swap Meet - 8/18/2012

Here are a few swap meet finds from last weekend.

This was my find of the day . . . a vintage Coach wallet.  I had a hard time understanding the seller when I asked "how much".  I couldn't tell if she was saying $8, $18 or $80.  I had to ask her around 3 times.

It was $8 and in really good shape . . . so I got it.  Score!

Geri is really into matryoshka dolls and got these for $2.   I can never remember the name for um and I end up calling um babushka dolls.

I had a tube of this for a long time and I really liked it.  It got old though so I dumped it awhile back.  I was glad to see it for sale at the swap meet.  It was $5.

Geri bought this squeak squeak toy for her dog Star.  It was $2.

I didn't buy this plant, but I thought it was so neat.  The guy said it's called a Lipstick Plant. He said that when there are a lot of flowers on it, it cascades over and is really pretty.  It was $4.

I bought this bowl for $1.

Yes, I bought more stamps . . . 50 cents each.

These papaya were 90 cents/pound . . . more expensive than a lot of the other sellers', but looked really good so me and Geri bought some.

Looks like they're from B. Shiroma Farm.

There was a little kid selling some of his toys.  We thought that was so cool.  Geri bought this helmet from him.  He was asking $1 . . . Geri gave him $2. It uses batteries so we think it lights up.

We noticed a garage sale sign on the way home so we followed it.  I got this big insulated bag for $1.  I thought Landon could use it for his drinks when he goes fishing.


Les said...

That's it. I'm bringing you FREE stamps on monday.

Betty Townsend said...

great the bowl... :)

Nippon Nin said...

Wow! I think you really got a good deal on Coach wallet! I like the $1 bowl too.I always enjoy your swap meet posts.

Kalin's Mommy said...

Nice stuff! Thanks for the wallet! LOL, I saw a few nice coach bags today and I had to turn the other way, because I think I am starting to HOARD.

jalna said...

Noooo Les. No need stamps.

Thanks Betty. Love the bowl too.

Thanks Akemi!

You're welcome Mich! I looove to make those finds . . . but I know what you mean about hoarding.

Dd said...

Gee, I wonder if that is the papaya lady Sweetie was looking for on Sunday ???
You mean, they are NOT babushka ?

jalna said...

Not babushka Didi. Hahahaha!

DNakamaru said...

The helmet is COOL!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jalna,
I saw the mask that your sister bought at Walmart today. It was on clearance for $35! She scored big time!

jalna said...

I think so to Dean!

That is soooo funny Anon! As soon as I read your comment, I had to text Geri about it!