Sunday, July 8, 2012

Swap Meet

I am over a month behind with my swap meet posts, so I'm gonna do a kinda hightlights-combination blog here. 


A couple of weeks ago this guy was selling his accordian for $200.  One of my sisters asked him to play it and he kindly obliged.

I bought this CD for $1 for Didi. ONE MILLION RECIPES!  I forgot to ask her if she ever looked at it.

These are the Vibrams that Geri bought for $1.  I think she planned to use it at the beach.

Sweetie scored this glass mosaic vase for 25 cents.

I almost bought this cow houseslippers for Leslie. They were only $3. Cute hah?!!

I thought this hanging Rabbit's Foot Fern plant was interesting.  I think it was selling for $20.

Geri bought two of these glass goblets for 50 cents each.

And she bought these sequin purses for $5 for both.

Didi bought this multiple musubi maker for $1.  She almost didn't buy it because the base fit too snugly and it was hard to take apart. We stood there for awhile fiddling with it until we finally realized that we were putting it on upside down.  It was so funny when the "aha" moment came . . . we totally cracked up.

Geri bought this dog stairs for $2 for her dog Star to use to go up and down her bed.  I told her if Star didn't like it to give it to me.  Kona's scared to hop in and out of my car, and this might help him.IMG_7443

Geri bought this plate and the next for $5 each.


No, none of the sisters bought this beautiful cherry-filled bath set.

Or the Angry Birds stuffed toy.

Or these claws.

Or these carpet squares.

Geri did buy this heart-shaped glass vase for $2.

I bought this cuuuuute dog for 25 cents.  I couldn't resist.  After giving it a bath I gave it to Leslie.

I was actually by myself on the day that I found these.  I was almost gonna call it a day and head home when I decided to do one last row.  And that's where these were. They were $1 each.

I bought these books for Colin. He's starting to talk now and it's so much fun conversing with him.  When you ask him about his favorite sliding board at Stadium Park he'll make a concerned face and say, "All broke up now . . . teeeerrrrible!!" So cute!!

Didi bought these cookbooks for $1 each.

I bought this FURminator deShedding tool for dogs.  It goes for $13.29 on Amazon.  I got it for $2. I'm actually gonna give it to Geri for Star.

I already have this one for Kona.  I paid 50 bucks for it years ago!!

Didi scored this for her husband Glenn.  It's a brand-new insulated lunch bag that she got for $1.

I found this American Tourister bag for $2.  It's about 2 feet wide so too big to use as a carry on, but my plan is to pack it in my suitcase when me and Les go to Japan.  It folds up nice and skinny. Then I'm gonna fill it with all the omiyage that I'll be buying and use it as my second piece of luggage coming home.  Good idea yah!  It's actually Leslie's idea.

I found these gloves in the outside pocket of the bag.  We weren't too far from the seller so we walked back to return them to her.  She said I could have them!  Nice yah!  I think I'll bring them with me on the trip.

Didi bought this toy guitar for $5.

Landon is modeling this hat that I got for $1.  Too funny yah!  I already washed it and it's hanging out to dry. 

Today, it was just me and Didi swap meet shopping.  Sweetie's on a trip and Geri went to church.  My brother Cy told me about this place. I'd been wanting to try it, so that's where we ended up for lunch.  He said Diem's friend just took it over.  It's on King Street, kinda by the Humane Society.

We started off with the Spring Roll ($6.25)

Then we had the Tofu Vegetable Pho ($7.75)

And BBQ Chicken Vermicelli ($8.25)

Yup, we ate all dat!

On the way to my car we noticed this store, Moiliili Shave Ice.

So cheap!!  Didi said she had room for some shave ice.  I said, "Are you kidding me!"

And so I gave in too, and we each had a combination Melona and Li Hing Mui shave ice . . . small size . . . plain.   The ice was veeeery fine and the flavor veeeery ono.


Les said...

Thanks for the dog, I love it! Ho the shave ice is cheap yah?? I think you shoulda bought the claws. :)

K and S said...


Erick said...

Hey you and your sisters are swap meet addicts. Pretty soon you can open your own swap meet in Hawaii Kai. I buy from you.

DNakamaru said...

Excellent post!

Kalin's Mommy said...

Nice...haha, papa folks have a ramp for the dogs, they didn't like the type you found, so papa had to build a ramp for his bed. I think the stairs is in the storage shed. If I find it, I'll bring it for you.

Betty Townsend said...

Nice those cow slippers, so cute!! Shave ice would be so nice this week, it is going to be a HOT one...triple digits!!

jalna said...

You're welcome Les! I think I shoulda bought the cow houseslippers.

Thanks Kat!

We really are addicts Erick.

Thanks Dean!

Awww thanks Mich. Geri said Star doesn't like it too. Maybe Kona won't either. He's scared of everything, dat dog.

OMG Betty . . . triple digits! Ugh!

Susan said...

Wow! Good stuff, the plates with the island scenery and the beaded hand purses!!!! And I always like to see where you all end up eating after. Looks so yummy!

jalna said...

Thanks Susan. Those purses!! Unreal yah! They were in really good condition too!

Mariko said...

I am SO jealous you're going to Japan. Take me with you! I'll lose weight so I can fit in that bag.

jalna said...

Mariko, it's been about 35 years since I last visited Japan. It was about 360 yen to the dollar back then!!

Nippon Nin said...

I enjoy all your swap meet posts. Furminator deShedding tool-is this real name? So funny. Foods look great too, especially after all the shopping.

jalna said...

Hahaha, that's the real name Akemi. And we sooo enjoy eating after all the walking too!