Saturday, June 2, 2012

Swap Meet 5/19/2012

Me and my sisters went to the swap meet again today, but I'll post today's pictures in a few days.  These pictures are actually from 2 weeks ago. 

As you can see it was another busy day . . . and hot, hot, hot.IMG_5527

Sweetie has da bomb umbrella for shade. She said she bought it at Kaiser Permanente for $15.  It's really much cooler under it.

 I couldn't believe it when I saw this buoy.  It was $15.

I see this box of dolls every week.  It's kinda creepy if you ask me.

Geri bought these Russian Matryoshka dolls . . . 2 sets for $10 each set.

She opened them up afterwards when we went to eat.

This is a game where you have to toss that metal thing and try to get it into the hole.  It was selling for $40.


This 1/4 sheet baking pan was selling for $5.  Didi asked if the seller would take $2 . . . they settled for $3.  We getting good, hah!  *Note:  Notice how she carries one bag on each shoulder!*

Katniss Everdeen stuff!!

Geri bought this perfume decanter for $3.  Check out some other pretty ones here.

On our way out Sweetie asked this seller how many TVs they had sold.  He said, "Three."

Sweetie bought this glass and pressed flower mosaic picture frame for $1.

Garlic flavored corn nuts - $1.

Didi got this YY chawan for $1 . . . it matches other dishes she bought before.

I know, I know . . . I don't need more stamps . . . but when I asked, "2?", the guy said, "Okay."


I think this was the score of the day. Sweetie bought this planter for $1!

This bag of lemons was $1.

Lychee were selling for $5.99/pound.

This is some kinda pod that holds banana blossoms.  It's called "sosop".  I can't even imagine what it looks like cooked.

Didi bought this bunch of bay leaves for $2.


Here's Sweetie and her beloved $3 potted flowers.

This is my new swap meet bag.  It cost me 50 cents!!

The final item . . . a glass bowl for Geri . . . $1.


DNakamaru said...

Another fun outing! You guys really are getting good! Maybe garage sales next?

Leslie's pics said...

Katniss would be in heaven!! And ahem...why do you spend $2 on stamps when you won't take mines for free???!! :(

Erick said...

Those Russian dolls are super cool!

jalna said...

Dean, I'm thinking we probably gotta have a garage sale soon!

I know Les . . .

Geri loves those dolls Erick.

Susan said...

I also loved those Russian dolls and the last bowl. Jalna, you and stamps just can't be apart, lol!

jalna said...

Funny thing about the bowl Susan. I had seen it several times and had wondered why Geri (the glass lover) never bought it. Turns out she never saw it . . . until this recent outing . . . which is good 'cause I think originally it was going for $5. And damn those stamps Susan! :)

Betty Townsend said...

LOL! I think I have that stamp set!! It is amazing what people have to sell...

jalna said...

Betty, the problem I have with avoiding buying stamps is that I know how much they would've cost brand new, and these are so cheap . . . and I'm so weak.

Mariko said...

Oh, I need to go. So badly. Even if I don't find anything it's so fun! It's been a year at least.
I have some friends that come here every year and they're antique shoppers (they resell at markets) and they always find some amazing stuff. Wish I had a better eye!

Banana blossoms are actually really tasty. I haven't made them but someone else made it for me once.

jalna said...

You've had the sosop, Mariko! I'm so curious about it. Don't forget to take your mom to the swap meet the next time she comes.