Monday, June 25, 2012

Photoshop Magic

I have a confession to make about this photo of Amanda which I posted on my previous blog post . . . it's not a real shot.

It's actually a composite of three separate photos that I put together in Photoshop.IMG_7498-2a

I started with this photo of Jove and cloned him out as best I could, mostly around his outsides.

I used this photo for the sky. I took this picture years ago at Ala Moana Beach Park. I knew it would come in handy someday.

I then extracted Amanda from this photo and added her in.

There's actually a fourth element . . . this texture (my favorite) from Jessica Drossin called Sublime.  I applied it two times to add some pop to the colors.  I also blurred out the grass in the foreground to give a little added depth.
Sublime (JDTextures)

So now you know the truth . . . it's Photoshop . . . not me. 


Kalin's Mommy said...

Awesome job, although I do really like the pic of her sitting on the tree trunks.

Leslie's pics said...

wow, your photoshop skills are gettin gooood!!

K and S said...

still awesome!

SW said...

wow've reused all your 'stock' photos for it..

DNakamaru said...

It's still awesome!

Betty Townsend said...

Its amazing what one can do with photos...if you know what you're doing... :) So cool!!

jalna said...

Thanks Mich. I wasn't sure if I liked the tree trunk picture. Now I'm glad I included it in Amanda's CD.

Hahahaha. Thanks Les. It's fun.

Thanks Kat!

Came in handy, Shun Wah.

Awww, thanks Dean.

Photoshop is unreal Betty. And I only know how to use a fraction of its potential.

celia said...

You are very good. I find it difficult to take things out. I am not patient and agile with the magic lasso. Please teach grasshopper.

jalna said...

Celia, I'm not good at cutting things out either. Instead, I combine two photos and paint away portions of the top photo to reveal the hidden image below.

Erick said...

I'm shocked you used Photoshop to alter the photo. I thought you did it all in camera. LOL

jalna said...

I hope you're not too disillusioned, Erick. Hahaha!