Thursday, June 28, 2012

Just Stuff

Here are just some miscellaneous stuff.

Every morning where I park my car the light shines juuuuust right on these leaves, making them look woven.  I'm not sure, but I think my dad knew how to make those woven hats. Remember those?

I've been brushing up on my Japanese for the upcoming trip me and Les going take in November.  Learning phrases like: "We are totally lost." "Help, my friend has an allergic reaction to shellfish."

My avocado plant, the only thing I've ever been successful at growing is doing good, except . . .

got aphids!  My sister Sweetie recommended that I squirt soapy dish water on um, so I've been doing that.

I'm so lucky that I got coworkers who are good cooks AND who share their food with me. CQ brought this pork chops with blood orange sauce and all the fixings.

Michele made this onolicious pastele stew and dropped some off on her day off!

And she's always buying okazu-ya food for me too.  This is from Nuuanu deli.  Howzdat yah! So nice.  

Wendell and Landon fixed up some Sun Noodle Ramen for dinner one night.  Oishiii!

We had this lettuce wrap last night.  It was good.  And guess what . . .

The filling came out of this box!  Wendell got it at Sam's Club for $9.88. 

My electric bill for last month.  Crazy.

This moth came flying out of the laundry I had just brought in from outside.  It went straight for the window and was fluttering around.  Within seconds, out of nowhere a red-headed cardinal appeared on the outside of the window and hovered for awhile trying to peck at the moth!  Just how keen are birds' eyes anyway! The moth wasn't even an inch long!

Well, it's been a week.  Can't say that I really notice a difference. 

Remember how they bought me a new chair at work 'cause they thought my old one was an eye sore?  Click here to check it out.  Well, it made my back ache. You can call me "Frasier's dad".

A few weeks ago I went to my mom's house to drop off a bag of sunflower seeds that my cousin Gary had sent from the mainland.  I don't usually go there on the weekdays so as soon as I walked in, my mom says, "Are you here because it's Colin's birthday?"  YIKES!  I forgot. I said, "Yes, Happy Birthday Colin!!"  and I handed him the bag of sunflower seeds.  He really liked it.  Yosh, thanks for helping me get the picture off my phone.


Anonymous said...

Just a suggestion should you forget how to say ..."my friend has an allergic reaction to seafood..." a simple hand around the throat and swelling along with some choking might suffice !

Suggestion number 2 to help lower your electric bill might be toooooooo....... pull da plug on da ICE MAKER :o)

Or have an accidental "mechanical failure ...." hmmmmm....

Kalin's Mommy said...

Holy smokes, you had a lot to say today! I really enjoyed the story telling!

Kalin's Mommy said...

By the way, is that increased electric bill because of air conditioning or because of all the dehydrating you've been doing???? Our bill went up about 100 also, but I know it's because of air conditioning. We are looking into doing the PV thing and hopefully we can have it installed by the end of the year for the tax credits. :)

DNakamaru said...

Time for the PV system. Our bill used to be in the $300 range..... now $16!!!

DNakamaru said...

Maybe the ice maker is eating too much electricity?

K and S said...

all kinds of stuff, nice!

Betty Townsend said...

Wow! That electric bill would be heart you have an all electric house? Quite an increase from the previous month too. I miss okazu places...they always have such good fun. Going to Japan, huh. How exciting!!

SW said...

Japan!! Food Pics!!! YAY!!! Soo excited for you!!!

:) josefina :) said...

Holy Smokes on the HECO bill! You should look into PV panels! yowza....

jalna said...

Sooo funny Anon!! I love both your suggestions.

Mich, yours went up too!? I think we used more a/c, but I was wondering if the dehydrator had anything to do with it too.

$16 Dean! Sooo nice! PV sounds so good right now. I know for sure the ice machine is not helping.

Thanks Kat!

Betty, my bill gives me heart failure all the time.

Thanks Shun Wah! I'm getting excited myself!

Yup Jos. Wendell's been checking around about PV.

Erick said...

Wow, that is some electric bill. Try edit faster that might save some electricity. Great food shots!

Les said...

craziness! You gotta hide the AC remote from aunty and grampa...I bet your bill will go down $200!! :) '

Now I'm hungry again. grrrr....

jalna said...

I AM on the computer a lot, Erick!

You're probably right Les.

Nippon Nin said...

I'm totally jealous about you going to Japan. I hope you will have a wonderful trip.
About electric bill...unbelievable! Like you're air conditioning out side or something.

jalna said...

Thanks Akemi. I think you need to come along with us to be an interpreter. I agree with you about my electric bill.

Dd said...

soooo.....da cardinal ate da moth ?

jalna said...

No Didi. He couldn't get to it. The moth was inside the house, the bird outside. But he kept peck, pecking at the window. It was amazing.