Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Swap Meet 4/21/2012

See these clouds??  It was wonderful having them around this past Saturday at the Kam Swap Meet.  They kept the temperatures from getting too hot like it sometimes does. IMG_4104

As soon as we arrived Geri spotted this stained glass lamp.  Geri learned how to make stained glass creations so she knows the work and craftsmanship involved.  We "drilled" the price down from $15 to $12, and despite the few cracks and dents, that was a great price.  What eventually prevented Geri from buying it was the fact that we had just gotten there and she would have had to lug it around the entire time we were there.  We did go back to the spot on our way out, but the seller was already gone.  

Another seller was selling a bunch of these little girl tutus for $3 each. We didn't get any tutus.

But Geri did buy this "Three Eye" macrame glass decoration for $3 from her.

I had to tell her to "put down the monkey" when I spotted her looking at this.

This chili shirt was selling for $1.

Elmo cap was going for $3.



Geri bought this red woolen beret for $1.  I loved when she put it on because she was so easy to spot then.

From within this pile of utensils . . .

I found this Cutco kitchen scissors and paid $2 for it. After I got home I checked Ebay and saw some used ones selling for about $30.  Hooo hooo!!

I also bought this clamp thing from that pile for $1 and gave them to Didi. She was looking for something like this to use for pulling out fishbones.

Didi bought this grater for $1.

Randy spotted us and gave us the most awesome greetings.


When I saw this Ugly Doll I just had to get it.  It was $1.

This is why I "had to get it".  It matches my other Ugly Doll that Les bought for me from New York awhile back.  Soooo cute yah!

Didi bought these YY tea cups for 25 cents each!  Bargain hah!

These two sellers were adjacent to each other and just as I passed by they were trading items with each other.  I thought it was so funny.

This bamboo cutting board was selling for $2.

Firemen's boots were going for $25 each.

I couldn't resist . . . I bought this book for $1.  Do you remember the story?  The first Chinese brother could swallow the sea. The second Chinese brother had an iron neck. The third Chinese brother could stretch and stretch his legs.  The fourth Chinese brother could not be burned. And the fifth Chinese brother could hold his breath indefinitely.  Remember?

It started to rain and I took cover under a tent.  Across the way I could see that Geri wasn't even fazed by the drops.

Even Didi continued looking even as this seller attempted to cover her stuff.  Die-hards yah!

I bought this stapler for just one buck. Good deal . . . except I don't really need a stapler . . .

This chili corned beef was selling for $3.25.

Don't know how much this phonograph was selling for . . .

but this one was $10.



Angry Birds are pretty much all over the place at the swap meet.

Geri bought this for me.  When you press it, it makes a sound. So cuuuute!


Cigar humidor

Afterwards we went to Bangkok Chef in Manoa to eat.  We kinda ordered the same stuff that I blogged about here.  We ate so much that we were complaining about how full we were . . . but that didn't stop us from ordering dessert.  No sir-eeee.  Geri got this mango jello dessert.  It was really good . . . very refreshing and tasty.  She kept saying, "Mmmmm!!" after every bite.IMG_4159

I ordered this Mango Ice Cream dessert. The ice cream is served over warm sticky rice and is sprinkled with peanuts. Didi didn't like it.  I loooooved it.  Maybe that's why Didi is so skinny and I'm so faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!!IMG_4155


Dd said...

Ho so glad you neva take my pikcha when I was "under" her plastic looking through her rack...but hey, I did help her put up the
I hope the kitchen tools person is there this Sun

jalna said...

Hahahaha. I missed that or I for sure woulda got THAT shot. Anything in particular you looking for from the kitchen person?

Betty Townsend said...

Love your ugly dolls!!

jalna said...

Me too Betty!

Les said...

you found ugly doll a brother!!! :)

jalna said...

Kona's been eyeing him, Les.

Susan said...

You gals have so much fun at the swap meet!

jalna said...

We do, Susan!!