Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Coworker Joanne just came back from a trip to Japan. She surprised me with this gift!  Katsuoboshi! Thank you Joanne!!

She recalled from a previous blog post that I had gotten this shaver at the swap meet, but had no bonito stick to use it on.

I was so excited to finally be able to experience some freshly shaved dried bonito.  According to this portion of the directions, it looked like I needed to scrub off the powdery stuff on the outside.

So I scrubbed the stick with a coarse cloth. Looking good yeah!

Unfortunately, instead of flakes like this, all I could get was this powdery stuff.  I think the problem is that my shaver is not really a katsuobushi shaver, but a carpenter's plane. On top of that it's old . . . from around 1969, so it's probably too dull.

So, I busted out our grater/shaver and tried it instead.

This is what I got. It was like trying to shave a rock.

Sorry Joanne, I so wanted to bring you a bagful of fresh flakes, but it was not to be. But not to worry, I'm gonna go hunting for a real katsuobushi kezuriki, and you'll be the first to get a bag.


DNakamaru said...

You so funny! Good luck shaving!

Dd said...

Aww mannn....but, still good for making dashi....

Anonymous said...

Too funny!!!!! Thanks for the laugh!!!! -lance

Anonymous said...

Be careful when using any of these tools, I recently sliced my finger very badly cutting potatoes...being that the fish is much harder,it could be far more dangerous.

May I suggest you pick up some ready made shavings instead and save a few fingers ? :O)

btw I believe that the actual cutter is a box that the shavings fall into .

have fun

Les said...

hahaha soo funny! Looks like hard work!

Betty Townsend said...


Erick said...

I think it has to be really sharp. You can ask a Japanese chef how to sharpen it.

jalna said...

Thanks Dean!

It smells really potent Didi.

Hahaha. Any time Lance.

Anon, just the mention of you slicing your finger badly makes me cringe. If I ever do find a real bonito shaver, I'll be extra careful.

I found a YouTube video showing how to use the shaver Les, and they make it look easy.

I know Betty!

No wonda, Erick.

Anonymous said...

The one you have is a carpenter's plane. My grandfather had several. LOL!!! Which branch do you work at? Open on Saturdays? I have one you can have. -lance

jalna said...

You do Lance!!?? I'm at King. We're open on Saturdays, but I'm usually off. I'm gonna see Erick soon. If it's easier, you can give it to him. Thanks!!!

Anonymous said...

Ok, if I'm back in town before you guys close tomorrow, I'll drop it off at the desk for Erick. The Radiology place on the 2nd floor right? -lance

Anonymous said...

Sorry, there's a little chip on the side of the wood box. -lance

Anonymous said...

Left it with the guy at the front around 3pm. Hope you got it and I hope it works for you. Waiting to see results. -lance

jalna said...

I got it Lance!!! Thank you so much! What an awesome surprise! I worked late again tonight so neva get chance for use um yet. Tomorrow for sure!

Nippon Nin said...

Oh I got it! The katsuo is gift from your friend. I love to make miso soup with it. You have really nice friends.

jalna said...

Yes Akemi! I am gonna make miso soup with it tonight!