Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter 2012!

For the first time in a very long time, we didn't have any kids to hide Easter eggs for this year.  Colin and his parents are in Vietnam visiting Diem's family and Charles has outgrown egg hunting.  So this year we had a grown-up egg hunt.  I told everyone that I would hide one egg. Whoever wanted to participate in the egg hunt would put $10 in a pot.  The person who found the egg could keep all of the money. 

Yesterday I looked around my backyard searching for a challenging hiding place.

I decided to try and hide the egg inside of a tangerine.  I carefully cut one from it's branch, leaving behind a cap.

The tangerines on the tree are pretty much all dried up, so it was easy to scoop out the insides and stick the golden egg into the remaining shell.

I first tried gluing the cap back on but it didn't look like it was gonna hold, so I used packing tape to tape it together.   I tried to snip off as much of the tape as I could so that it wasn't too noticable. 

Today, before everyone came, I cut some of this golden-colored card stock . . .IMG_3541

and hid them around the yard . . . just to add some excitement to the hunt.

And just in case the hunters had a hard time finding the egg, I had a clue ready to give them . . . "tangerine" scrambled.

Here are the hunters. 

And here is the prize.

The hunt is on!  I was having so much fun watching them.

Pretty much right away Didi said, "Look at all those tangerines!"

And Teren said, "You know, you could actually hide an egg in one of um."  !!!!!!!!!!!!   I thought, "No way . . . it's gonna end already?" But then guess what happened . . . Teren walked away!!!!!

And so the search goes on.



After awhile I gave my first clue, and told everyone that the egg was hidden on the right side of this fence.



My sisters eventually focused on the tangerine tree.

They were looking all around the tree but focusing on the leaves, branches and roots!

It was sooooo funny, I started cracking up!

Landon, who knew where the egg was hidden, started cracking up too.

Then Didi said, "Should we pick the tangerines?"  Geri then squeezed the very tangerine that the egg was hidden in and said, "Nah, they're soft."  !!!!!!!!!!  Heeeeelarious!!

After awhile, it was time to give them my scrambled clue. It didn't take long before Geri shouted, "TANGERINE!!!"

And they made a mad dash for the tree.


Teren found the winning fruit. He said that he saw the tape.  I thought it was so appropriate that he found it, because after all, he's the very one who said . . .

"You know, you could actually hide an egg in one of um." 

The food theme today was a kinda Make-Your-Own-Mexican where you could take whatever fillings you wanted and make your own tacos, nachos, or whatever.  I'll post those pictures next time.


Myko said...

That sounds like so much fun.

jalna said...

Oh Myko, it was so much fun!

Erick said...

That is so funny, great place to hide an egg.

jalna said...

Thanks Erick. I wasn't sure it would hold up, but it did just fine.

Jamie said...

Are you related to Teren? I went to high school with him...he's a couple years older though. Looks like you all had fun. Hope you had a great Easter!

Susan said...

You are so clever to think this up! I laughed out loud reading this post and looking at the pictures.

Anonymous said...

O Easter Egg

O Easter Egg

The Easter bunny went hide um...

And everybody like find um...

Where in da world did she them put ummmmmum..

O Easter Egg
O Easter Egg

This is so funny...
Cause we all.....

Like da moneeeeeeey :)

Anonymous said...

So cool!!! And hilarious!!! -lance

Leslie's pics said...

Hilarious! You guys crack me up...always seem to have a great time! :-)

jalna said...

Jamie, Teren is my brother-in-law. He's married to Geri!!!

I'm glad you enjoyed it Susan!

Hahaha, Anon, YOU are so talented!

Thanks Lance!

Les, it WAS hilarious watching them hunt and pass the tangerines over and over!

Dd said...

and not a single drop of margarita was spilled !!

Anonymous said...

btw did you ever consider your beloved ice machine for a hiding place ? :)

More fun would be if you froze the egg inside of a piece of ice .

Betty Townsend said...

Super clever idea!! I'm surprised it held up in tree without falling down. Even Kona got in the act. LOL!!

jalna said...

Hahaha, true Didi!

Ohhhh inside an ice cube, Anon! Good idea!

It surprised me too Betty. Before the hunt I kept looking outside of my window to check that it still was hanging.

gracie said...

this post made me LOL!! loved the caption and photos. what a fun family!! :)

Lance said...

That was sooo CREATIVE! and funny to read. Would have rolled on the ground laughing if the tangerine fell from the tree and no one noticed.

jalna said...

Awwww Grace, thanks. Your comment makes me smile :).

Ahahahaha, that would've been too funny Lance!!

Nippon Nin said...

It seems to me that you are always having fun. Hid in tangerine is a great idea. I enjoyed reading this post.

jalna said...

Thanks Akemi, I enjoyed your recent post too!

Renee said...

OMG your family is soooo coool!!! Remember our Easters at Puunui? After we found our eggs we would all gather for cousin picture taking (with our easter baskets) on the steps fronting the dinning room. Those were the good old days that I will always remember and treasure!!! Thank you for always making me :) ... loooove reading your blogs!!!

jalna said...

Renee, I so remember our Puunui egg hunts. I remember one time I wanted to cry 'cause everybody was beating me to the eggs. Hahahaha.