Monday, March 26, 2012

Kam Swap Meet - 3/24/2012

This week's swap meet blog post is small-kine jumbled up.  I got plenty pictures but not enough time to make um all flow nicely.  But that's okay. It doesn't really matter anyway.

We left home a little earlier than usual and got to the swap meet at around 7:00ish.  It was just a little earlier than usual, but when we arrived, the mood was totally different.  The buyers were like piranha.  They completely surrounded the sellers . . . some before they could even unpack. They were greedy . . . as if they wanted to discover the good stuff before anybody else did.

I actually felt scared for some of the sellers. In the frenzy, there was no control. People could easily walk off with stuff.

After awhile the chaos died down and order returned.

I love this photo . . . a black and white of James Dean, cigarette dangling from his lips, hands in pockets, strolling forward between old cars with tall buildings looming upward. It's so cool.   After I took this shot, a guy said, "Hey, no photos!"  I looked up to see him smiling.  But it made me think . . . I wonder if there IS a "no picture taking" rule at the swap meet.

This bag was $2.00.  I almost bought it except the seller got distracted by someone else, and I didn't wanna wait around to get her attention back.




Geri bought a ziplock bag full of this stuff for $3.00.  She had to mingle in with the piranha to find it.

Didi brought this with her to munch on. She said she bought it for $1.99.

Geri and Didi said that this was a Nicky slipper. It was selling for $10.  I never heard of that brand . . . but I'm the most unstylish person around.

I think this leather bag was selling for $50 . . . something like that.


This lady was selling bread with a meat filling.  I asked what it was called, and she didn't really have a name for it. 

It was $2.00 and very, very ono.


I saw these and said, "Oh no!!"  I've been good though.  I haven't bought any rubber stamps lately.

Even though the prices look good.

This sword was selling for $30.

It has a hand-carved case.

I bought this girl's cap for $1.


As soon as I got home, I stuck on this hairclip. Cute yah!

The seller of these Vibram said that he paid $3 for these.  I said, "$3!!" and right away started to dig in my coin purse for 3 bucks. He quickly said that he paid $3 for it, but was selling it for $20.  I didn't buy it, but kept thinking about it the whole time I was there.  On our way out, we looked for him because I was curious to see if he had sold it, and if not, maybe he would come down in price, but he was already gone.



Geri bought these glass pendants for $1 each.

Here's Didi looking at cookbooks again.

These Bali masks were selling for $10 each.

This is Margaret with one of her drawings.

She was selling this insect collection for $150.

And this green glass bead necklace for $70.


I loooove this mochi thing.  It was $1 for 3 pieces.


This is called Kalumai.  It was $3.

This is jicama and was $1.50/pound.

This guy gave Sweetie the pot for free.  Sweetie's gonna use it to put a planter in.

These are what my I'm-not-gonna-buy-another-glass-vase sister Geri bought. They were from left to right $2, $2 and $5 .  The one in the middle is a hand-blown Italian glass vase.

Here's Kona's newest stuffed animal.

They were both pooped after a few minutes of play.

This bowl was 50 cents.

And this one was $1.

I bought this Wizard Ball for $1 because the seller said that it changed colors when you bounce it.  Turns out that's not really true.  You have to shake it really hard and colored lights turn on and spin around inside it.  I couldn't get a picture of it doing that no matter how hard I tried.

I paid $8 each for these vintage rhinestone pins.  I don't usually spend that much, but I really liked the fact that these pins were the seller's granny's and were somewhat old.  I plan to make some special hairclips with them, probably keeping the pin behind them intact instead of breaking them off like I usually do.

Here's Mr. Sock Monkey wearing all the baubles I got on this one outing.  I think I probably got enough already yah! I wonder how hard it's gonna be to stop buying um, especially when they're only 50 cents or $1 each.


Erick said...

Cool stuff! Kona so cute with his new friend.

jalna said...

You should go check it out Erick . . . Oh yeah, I forgot . . . too early for you.

Leslie's pics said...

Kona looks happy this time :) Your sock monkey is looking adorable!

jalna said...

Yeah, I waited until he was more relaxed this time Les.

Betty Townsend said...

Awesome finds!! Your sock monkey would have fit in perfectly at Mardi Gras in New Orleans!! Love the clip on your hat find!!

jalna said...

Me and my sisters are hooked Betty. We always can't wait until the next time. But we got so much crap accumulated we gotta try and be more selective from now on.

Anonymous said...

Used to go to the kam swap meet over 10 years ago...Margaret is an old timer.

People always swarm over the newbies, most of the people buy stuff cheap to resell.

If you and your sisters keep this up ..I can see you all selling stuff next time around :)

Cool that you and your sisters enjoy doing this together.

jalna said...

Anon, it's really a fun time for us, and we all look forward to going. But you're right . . . we're gonna have to go as sellers pretty soon.