Monday, March 5, 2012


I wanted to show you what I've been going to the swap meet for. 

Some of you might know that my latest hobby/obsession is making these hairclips.  The fabric that I use are mostly remnant pieces that I've been getting from Walmart.  The feathers are from either Price Busters or Floradec.  Now the button embellishments in the center . . . those are from the swap meet.  Most are earrings that I've taken apart.  It's fun hunting for them.  This last outing was kinda slim pickins though. 

This is a small-kine preview of what I'm gonna be giving away in my hairclip giveaway.  Don't really know how I'm gonna do it as I eventually plan to give them ALL away.  As you can see from my new profile picture . . . they don't really match me.  I gave some to coworker Cathy's girls after they modeled some of the clips for me. You can check out the pictures here.  She said they liked um so much they would sleep with them on!  Funny yeah!