Monday, October 10, 2011

Kaimuki High School Class of '71 40th Reunion - Part 2

Here we go peoples.  This is Part 2, the posed shots.  Don't forget to watch the video at the end, it's of Mike Kaawa singing.  I'm gonna attempt to put people's names on the pictures.  Forgive me if I get some wrong. The women's names will be maiden names.  And sorry, I didn't get the names of some of you who weren't wearing your name tags.  Part 3, the last part (I think) will be the candid shots.  I'll be working on those tomorrow after work and should be posting the pictures soon.

From left, Dexter Zane (Dexter told my sister Didi to remind me to send in my RSVP), Karl Kaneshiro (don't tell but I used to like him), Gayle Tanabe, Randy Kunselman, Edwina Sin (she's the one who asked me to take pictures).

Derrick Shimabukuro, Lynette Maeda, Robert Lau

Cynthia Murotake, Mae Fukuda

Stephanie Lukela, Lori Abe, Bev Shintani, Eleanor Haake

Virginia Fiske, Robert Lau

Lloyd Nakamura, Nathan Iha

Donna Noborikawa, Eric Ota, Lois Nagamine

Steven Kim, Frances Kanuha, Gwen Andrade, Bev Vierra, Elsie Foster

Lawrence Nakano, Gayle Terada, Richard Gomoto (don't tell but I used to like him)

Vickie Cozloff, Mike Kaawa, Paulette Franco

Kelsey Higa, William Bow, Andrew Sekine, Dexter Zane, Robert Kong, Glenn Teraoka (Glenn also took pictures).

Michael Kamida, Betty Uyeno, Carol Sugiyama, Garyce Miyake, Alan Teraoka

Alan Nakamura, Irene Horiuchi, Laurie Tamashiro, Darrell Terada, Janet Akiyama

Back:  Glenn Teraoka, Alvin Goo, Alan Fujii (don't tell but I used to like him), Wayne Hirano.  Front:  Dennis Tong, Robert Kong

Laurie Tamashiro, Valerie Hamano, Janet Katsura

Keith Sakata, Jo-Ann Ing, Walter Yamaguchi

Brant Nishizuka, Iris Uramoto, Gary Tasato

Susan Chau, Colette Yamashita, Michael Shintani

Michael Shintani, Jonathan Suzuki, Nathan Iha

Standing:  Edwina Sin, Bev Vierra, Dottie Fisher, Tina Murray. Sitting:  Frances Kanuha, Elsie Foster

Janet Katsura, Jo-Ann Ing, Bev Shintani

Sam Prestidge, Frank Sera, Montgomery Kalai, Douglas Kamakani

Michael Kamida, Yukie, Kuulei Fukumoto, Richard Gomoto (again)

Edwina Sin and Gayle Tanabe

Valerie Hamano, Velma Ko (Velma is the one who e-mailed me and asked if I was going to the reunion and I said no), Stephanie Lukela, Bev Shintani

Michael Kamida, Garyce Miyake, Nathan Iha

Russell Takara, Lyle Miyaji, Richard Gomoto (and again)

Tina Murray, Kathleen Hamasaki, Colleen Hayashi

Betty-Ann Igawa, Douglas Kamakani, Lynette Maeda, June Corpuz, Lyle Miyaji

Derrick Shimabukuro, Eric Ota, Harold Matsushima.  Sitting: Dennis Tong

Darrell Terada, Alan Fujii, Dottie Fisher

Alan Nakamura, Irene Horiuchi, Michele Oshita, Sandy Kaneshiro, Richard Gomoto (and again)

Hoo hoo, I get to hug stud muffin Karl Kaneshiro!

Russell Takara and Alden Hendersen (don't tell, but you know)

You-know-who-already and You-know-who

Kuulei Fukumoto, Steven Kim, Sandy Kaneshiro, Tina Murray

Back row:  Betty Uyeno, Gayle Terada, Cynthia Murotake, Iris Uramoto, Mae Fukuda. Front row:  Lori Abe, Carol Sugiyama, Colette Yamashita, Ann Moriyasu

Frances Kanuha, Mike Kaawa, Elsie Foster

Garyce Miyake and Ann Moriyasu - still skinny and pretty . . . DAMNIT.  Nah, nah .  . . kidding . . .  *ahem*  . . . yah . . . kidding

Derrick Shimabukuro, Debra Mero, Ailona Felix

Lance Watari (don't tell but  . . . )

Beth-Ann Strickland, Dottie Fisher, Debra Mero

Henry Terada

Back row:  Vickie Cozloff, Paulette Franco, Debra Mero, Ailona Felix, Dottie Fisher, Montgomery Kalai.  Sitting:  Frances Kanuha, Elsie Fisher, Gwen Andrade.

Ailona Felix and Frances Kanuha

Mike Kaawa, Noren Takamura

June Corpuz, Cynthia Chu, Kuulei Fukumoto.  You like hear something funny?  At the reunion June goes, "Cynthia, you remember Jalna.  Jalna, you remember Cynthia."  We both look at each other's name tags. I go, "Yeah, sure . . . " but I'm actually thinking "I have no idea who she is."  In the meantime Cynthia goes, "Hmmmm, no, I don't remember."  I bust out laughing and I go, "Yeah, you know what?  I don't either." 

Kuulei and her mom.  Her mom is 92 years old, healthy and sharp as a whip.

And here's Mike Kaawa


K and S said...

fun fun, eh, you sure liked a lot of guys :)

jalna said...

Hahahaha. Yup I guess I did. But now I only like one.

Dd said...

So so many familiar faces...Richard, Nathan, Mark..yup..all your crushes..

jalna said...

Hey wait a minute Didi, you added some names in there . . . maybe they were YOUR crushes . . . hmmmmm?

Dd said...

Nathan Iha....did Karl have a brother Mark ??

Anonymous said...

Yikes....I know Edwina. Small world.

The Little Foodie said...

You guys are so cute! I love that you had the old pictures on the name tags.
Truthfully, I couldn't remember some people after only 10 years. Oops.

jalna said...

Dunno Didi.

So amazing Anon, the people who have said, "Hey, I know so-and-so!"

Mariko, those name tags saved me.

Ed said...

Name correction: Russell Takara

All the pics look great! Like I said "you dah bomb!"

jalna said...

OMG Ed, I going fix um now. Thanks!

Leslie's pics said...

I can't believe how young some of your classmates look! I just saw pics of some of mines and some look like they're 50! yikes!

Ho, plenny guys eh?

jalna said...

I knooooow Les!!

Erick said...

Wow, great shots of your classmates. Looks like it was a totally fun event. I didn't Bruce Shimabukuro was your classmate too.

jalna said...

Thanks Erick, you goofball.

Betty Townsend said...

Very nice...lots of guys you liked...all very good looking!!

jalna said...

Hahahah, funny Betty! I got Wendell now . . . and he's da best.

Edwina said...

Another oops. Should be Lyle Miyaji.

jalna said...

Thanks Ed!! I'll fix. Ho da good eye you get!

Anonymous said...

jalna - long time no. always wandered what became of you. such a unique name. neat blog site - you still interesting as ever. it was really cool seeing a bunch of people that never come to these damn reunions. i still don't know why i go - sorta like watching a roller derby, i guess. can't take the lolo out of palolo. just like me....lori

jalna said...

Awwww Lori, thanks for taking the time to comment. I'm so glad I did get to talk to you, even if it was for just a little bit. You honestly look wonderful. I'll be attending more of our functions, I promise. In the meantime if you ever need my photography services, let me know. I'm really cheap . . . FREE!!