Sunday, August 21, 2011

Haunani and Austin's Engagement Party

The theme for Haunani and Austin's engagement party was "The 80's".  It was pretty amazing what people came up with to wear . . . soooo funny.  Haunani didn't let party pooper me get away with not dressing up, and had a special pink tutu for me to wear.  Anne added to my ensemble by letting me wear her snazzy light-up glasses. Check out Leslie's pics to see me in my get-up. 


I loooooove Jay to death . . . and here's why.  Doesn't he look totally awesome!   And guess what . . . he had to pick up a few things for the party so he dropped by Foodland in Aina Haina dressed like this.  Jay lives in Kalihi and said that he didn't dare go shopping there.  Jay is like over 6 feet tall, so I'm pretty sure the people in Foodland gave him a pretty wide berth. I woulda loved to have been there with him!

Here's Susie and Lo.  Susie went to Zippy's dressed like this before going to the party . . . with headband and all.   

Here's Anne.  She is the party planner extraordinaire.  Check out R2D2's head.  It's a collander!!! 













OkiHwn said...

nice tutu...hee hee!

jalna said...

Why thank you, Nat! Hahaha!

Les said...

Those glasses make me look freeky deeky! Sooo hilarious! Did you notice that R2D2's body was a water cooler? I wonder if there was actually water in there...

So fun yah? Glad you came!

jalna said...

I did notice it was a water jug, Les. I never thought it would be functional. That woulda been cool. Glad I went too . . . even if was for only a couple of hours.

Anonymous said...

More like "One flew over the cuckoos nest " party....


jalna said...

True too, Jay! Hahahaha!

Erick said...

That is such a great idea! It makes for terrific photos. Looks like everyone had a super time. Love the group shot with the doggy kiss.

jalna said...

It so was a great idea Erick . . . especially for picture taking. I like the group shot too. Susie always seems to attract animals

Randism said...

wow! no can believe! so wat wuz in da punch?!? i like some!!!

jalna said...

RAND!!! I miss you. Think about you all the time. Hope you're doing well.

Mariko said...

That is absolutely awesome. AWESOME! Your friends throw great parties. I'm so glad you have the pics to show off. I'm going to look at Leslie's pics to see you now. :)

jalna said...

I hope you didn't laugh too hard, Mariko! Hahaha.