Thursday, August 25, 2011

Brandee's European Adventure - Part 5

More from Brandee:

Next day Niki drove to Monte Carlo, or I should say Monaco. Two weeks before, there was the wedding of the Prince of Monaco, Prince Phillip to Catherine. We drove up to Monte Carlo, and had breakfast by the yachts in the morning. We proceeded to walk up to the castle. Along the way you can take pictures of the grand prix statue they have. Next there is a small pond on the way up the side of the hill to the palace. Once you get to the top you will see the palace, shops, their own church, and a big aquarium museum, and just this breathtaking view of the whole city. It is quite amazing. I wish we had time to go to the casino but it was at the end of Monte Carlo and we would have to find parking again. We stayed in Monaco half the day then drove to Cannes to see the beach and watch the sunset.

Our drive up to Monaco

Us eating at the cafe having breakfast in Monte Carlo (note from jalna: that's what Bran wrote, but I don't see anybody eating)

Kate, Niki, and Karin taking a picture in front of the yachts

Me taking a picture in a Grand Prix car with a famous driver from Monaco in a bronze statue

Us walking up the mountain to the palace. We stopped to get our feet wet in the fountain while hiking up the side of the mountain.

Scenic view of the city.

Kate and Niki playing around while we walked up to the palace.

The Royal Palace. (Not that exciting to see)

Once we got up the mountain to the palace, which by the way was not so spectacular we walked around to see the shops, see the church where the wedding took place, and saw the sites from the top. Pretty amazing to even drive the curvy roads of Monaco. It's like a scene of "To Catch a Thief" a famous Alfred Hitchcock movie starring the princess of Monaco Grace Kelly and Cary Grant.

The church where Grace Kelly got married and just recently her son Prince Phillipe

Niki and all of us looking out on the beautiful scenic view of the ocean

Me looking out close to where the church is

Scenic View

Driving out of Monte Carlo

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