Sunday, July 31, 2011


For those of you waiting for the results of my Girl with the Dragon Tattoo giveaway . . . sorry . . . Wendell left early this morning for softball practice/game(s), so I gotta wait until later this afternoon for him to draw a name.  I'll post the winning name tonight . . . I promise.

In the meantime, here is Lo.  We first met up at Kahala Beach yesterday but it was jam packed with people and Lo couldn't find any parking.  Plus, I had arrived earlier and saw that the tide was so high that there was hardly any good beach area to use for shots. With time and light running out on us, Lo suggested that we head to KCC. It turned out to be a great suggestion.   

We mostly hung around the chapel area.  Lo was such a trooper.  I asked her to sit on dried up leaves and dirt, wet grass and rocks, and she did so without hesitation  . . . even though she was wearing a white outfit.   Thank you so much Lo.  You were great.  I think we totally got the look I was going for.










Erick said...

Great shots! Nice comp and skin tones. You so lucky to have a pretty and willing model. I won't sit on the ground with a white dress.

Anonymous said...



jalna said...

I know Erick. I so luck out with my models.

HAHAHAHA, Kevin, my pretty girl posts just wouldn't be the same without your comments!

Anonymous said...

yeah its like so easy on the eyes.
but you know im just admiring the photography...... =P

my canon p&s dropped on the ground last nite.... on the lens.
broke. *weep*


jalna said...

Awwww Kevin that sucks.

Betty Townsend said...

Very nice!! :)

jalna said...

Thanks Betty!