Sunday, May 22, 2011

Yanagi Sushi

I got a gift certificate to Yanagi Sushi from Kayla's dad, so me and Wendell went to check them out last week.  It was the first time for both of us and we really enjoyed it.

The miso soup and the side dishes were ono.


This is the salmon skin salad.  Small size for $3.95.  I didn't like the sprouts.  They were so bitter.  The dressing and salmon were good though, so despite the bitterness me and Wendell finished the whole thing.

Wendell said these were really good.  The hamachi was $7 and the salmon $5.50.

This is the Volcano Roll . . . like a California roll with scallops and mayonnaise on top.  It was REALLY yummy.  $13.50.


Wendell's Beef Teriyaki/Chicken Cutlet Combination - $9.95.

My Tempura/Chicken Teriyaki Combination - $9.95.


K and S said...


jalna said...

It was yummy, Kat. I'm glad we finally got to try them out.

OkiHwn said...

Good looking food and excellent pictures!

Erick said...

Oh da ONO! Love their sushi!

Leslie's pics said...

Man, I loooove their salmon skin salad! I order it every time I got there. Glad you enjoyed it...haven't been there in awhile, geez,now I need my sushi fix!!

SW said...

wow looks really good. The teishoku looks really good and so are the prices :-)

Betty Townsend said...

Wow, it all looks so good! Making me hungry...better go eat some breakfast. :)

Dd said...

We love love love Yanagi....they have one of my most fave dishes in the world !! Grilled baby octopus !! OMG my word verification is favione

Dd said...

BTW-Are those lunch prices ??

jalna said...

Thanks Nate!

We liked it there too Erick. Funny how both me and Wendell had never been there before.

But Les, the sprouts are so BITTA!

Shun Wah, we thought it was gonna be expensive, but it really wasn't.

Ahahaha funny Betty!

Yup Didi, we went at lunchtime. Grilled baby octopus? Somehow, sounds cruel.

mmiissee said...

yummy looking food. There's a restaurant in Aiea, that you should try one of these days. It's called Spicy Ahi. Their food is ONOOOOOO
^_^ I'm sure you'll like it. There closed on Sunday and Mondays

OkiHwn said...

Like Dd I love the baby octopus there. Always used to be able to get in Oki at the market. Used to put in my homemade lau lau or in my cioppino-type soup.

jalna said...

Hmmmm Mmiissee, sounds good. I wonder if Wendell knows about it. I'll mention it to him. Thanks!

I'm curious now, Nate. I'm gonna have to try it next time.