Friday, April 29, 2011

McDonalds' Oatmeal

I know oatmeal is supposed to be really good for you . . . lowers cholesterol and all . . . but I hate it.  I had heard that McDonalds' oatmeal was really good though, so when Landon called after his graveyard shift and asked if I wanted something from McDonalds I asked for him to get me an oatmeal.


I thought it would have less calories . . . 'cause don't those Lean Cuisine meals have like 300 calories in um?

I opened the cover and saw this . . . Ewwwww.  It didn't look good at all.

I stirred it up. Okay, that's better.   I took a bite.  Ewwwww.  So tasteless.

So I added some brown sugar, cinnamon and macadamia nuts.  I finished the whole thing!  Hahahaha.

Need your opinion.  Does this photo look more appetizing than the previous?  Does it even make a difference to you? 


:) josefina :) said...

so funny, Jalna! I love oatmeal, but gotta be in the mood to eat it. Can get tiring after awhile.

I like the first pic over the one in the sunlight. Food looks better (to me) when even lighting.

I love your blog!

mmiissee said...

There oatmeal is alright. They use the packaged instant oatmeal and just add fruits. I say, not worth it..for the price, but people seem to buy it. It seems just plain still even with the fruits.

Leslie's pics said...

yuk. I hate oatmeal too.

Dd said...

2nd pic looks like the sun is shining on it ..?? like the 1st one better

Betty Townsend said...

Your "doctored" up version looks better. The original version looks pretty yuck! I eat instant oatmeal when I'm desperate and there's nothing for breakfast.

jalna said...

Ohhhh Jos, I wish I loved oatmeal too. It did keep me full all morning. I liked that. Thanks for your opinion on the two pix. It was hard getting a good exposure for the sunlit one. Now I know not to even try.

You're right Mmiissee, even with the added stuff in it, it was still very plain tasting.

Ahaha, you too Les!? I neva know.

Thanks Didi.

Betty, that's good that you eat it at least once in a while.

Mariko said...

I promise I felt the same way until I tried this vegan oatmeal (I know, makes oatmeal sound even worse, but it's NOT, I promise) I got off Oh She Glows blog. Anyway, it's sweet potato with crumble on the top. It's amazing. I think it's really just an excuse to eat dessert for breakfast. I make it constantly.

You are totally onto something with the mac nuts. I'm going to copy you.

I didn't mind Mc D's oatmeal, but for the calories I'd rather have a sausage egg biscuit. ;)

jalna said...

OMG Mariko, I think I found the recipe on Oh She Glows blog - Double Chocolate Sweet Potato Oatmeal. I tried to provide a link here but it refuses to work. It looks so ono!!

OkiHwn said...

The McD's just opened one looks like something even my dog wouldn't eat if it was starving to death.

Erick said...

Both look ono! I guess you can't make oatmeal ono.

jalna said...


jalna said...

Erick, I'm still trying to make oatmeal ono.